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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Final Blogmas 2014!

I really wanted to complete blogmas in 2014, and I think I technically I only needed to go to Christmas Eve/Day, but I really wanted to continue to the end of the year, as it is still the holiday season.

Sunday Mum left around midday, and me & Fran had a completely chillaxing day, and we ordered a Chinese :) I didn't have Salmon, but I did have sweet & sour prawns, and prawn chow mein. Then today we finally got to actually play Bingo, the game was so loud & not as fun playing while reading out tge numbers, but I still enjoyed it, and we're going to try to learn all the cool bingo names for the numbers!

Monday I was greeted to breakfast in bed which was lovely, croissants and nutella, you can't go wrong.

I finally opened my MacBook Pro, and I'm still trying to work the thing out now, I thought it would be simple considering I have an iPhone & an iPad in the house.

I will learn to love it once I've worked it out, I just hate change,  I haven't even updated my ios because I don't want to get confused.

In the evening we headed over to Francisco's parents for a post Christmas dinner, which was incredible, but saw me eating more salmon, I definitely got my fix this Christmas.

I love the way they cook, but I hate that I can never finish the meals, but it's purely because I'm not used to having starters, or even dessert, I was brought up just about having enough time for dinner, then rushing off to dance class.

Was a lovely evening as usual, and to top it off, me, Fran & his lil bro took a 30 question IQ test, and I wooped their buts!

Tuesday was another chillaxed day, we headed into Brixton, I need to buy more storage furniture, but didn't get anything from Argos, but I did get a new Yankee Candle from Morleys, my first large one (sale obvz) but it's quite a fresh scent, different from my usual, I guess I'm already seeing in Spring!

I then spent the evening continuing trying to work out this bad boy...

Still haven't managed it!

New Years Day!

We spent the day in bed, we knew we were having a quiet one to see in the New Year, but I felt it was only right we made an effort, so we headed over to Tesco, did a shop as though we were having a house party, and got ourselves dressed up!

I'm now trying to post this in 2014 so it's with the rest of Blogmas.

So guys, goodbye 2014 and cheers to 2015!

Hope it's an incredible year!

Thanks for reading!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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