BLOGMAS - Day 25 xo

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Merry Christmas All! Yes I know Christmas is well and truly over and it's all about New Years now, but I'm gonna roll with the fact it's Christmas for Blogmas purposes!

So I woke, and by woke I mean snoozed about 5 alarms at 10am, and did my usual wake myself up by scrolling through Facebook, only to notice that the world had been up since the crack of sparrow fart as my Mother likes to call it! Which did actually make me feel guilty about the fact I wasn't jumping out of bed on Christmas day!

Anywho I got myself up and ready for midday. I went for a brownish slightly smokey eye in the make up department, originally a berry lip, but then changed to slightly lighter as the day went on, I put in my new Foxy Locks hair extensions that I'd previously blogged about, and went for a black and white squared dress which I'd seen on my manager the day before & she looked beaut in, sadly I don't quite have her figure to pull it off, but I loved the dress none the less, and not only that, I somehow miraculously matched my 2 cousins and her baby in the monochrome department, so I was quite impressed, we did good!

We then had croissants and champagne and orange juice for brunch, and made our way up the pub to meet my other cousin, as her partners family own a pub so it's tradition for us to meet her and her gorgeous brood there to celebrate for a couple of hours.

We exchanged Christmas presents, drank alcohol and had a good natter, was lovely seeing so many of us together celebrating. Living in London it's hard to have enough time to come home, and the decent priced train tickets can only be booked in advance and the nature of my job means I could be booked for a job with as little notice as the day before, or even that morning, and as much as yes I can refuse work if I don't want to work that day, my circumstances are also I must take as much work as possible as it really isn't guaranteed! So I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, and my cousins boys are the closest I currently am to having children so I love being around them.

OMG so this is what I bought my cousins youngest for Christmas, and my heart just melted receiving this pic, isn't he just the cutest!! I Literally want to break through this picture and pick him up!

Afterwards me, Mum & Fran tottered back home (love that Mum's now within walking distance to town as I was walking in my skyscraper heels). Mum got the cooking going, and we captured my yearly tradition of putting the Angel on the tree, so sadly she had to wait till Christmas day to go on as I hadn't been back. If I can find enough pics, one day I'll do a blog of the 'Putting the Angel on the tree' pics.

Mum made this stocking for me when I was about 6 years old & it's been my Christmas stocking every year since, and it seems to somehow still be in perfect condition! I used to have a matching nightie, hat & I want to say dressing gown too, the whole shebang! Mum you need to get back behind that sewing machine! Can't believe she made my Prom dress too!

We then ate more junk until dinner was ready. At the table, we pulled crackers, scratched scratchcards, which I was the only one to win.... I won me money back!! Well Mum's money back, a whole pound, which I am extremely appreciative of, a wins a win. Fran carved what clearly must have been his first turkey, as he sliced it in chunks and was completely oblivious to the fact it was wrong! I went for a Linda McCartney pie as they are my fave veggie option.

Urm annoyingly most my photos and video footage is on my actual camera, so I haven't got as many on my phone as I would have liked.

I fell in love with this scrunchy from Tiger, and as I wore my hair down, I had to wear it as a wristband, however Francisco got good use out of it a couple days later!

(He's not going to be talking to me after he reads this!)

In the evening we opened presents, it's so weird, because as a child we used to wake everyone in the family as we were way too excited to open presents, but it just doesn't appeal to me anymore, even though I got some blooming good presents!

So from the boy I got a MacBook Pro, and Thierry Mugler Angel perfume which I am obsessed with the smell of, a dress from his family, money from the Grandparents, which is towards my dressing table, a CD from the cousin, (Frozen soundtrack woop) Baylis & Harding from another cousin, from my Mother a shabby chic gift, large scented candle, chocolate, a diary, and a La Hacienda Chimenea for the patio, which I loveeee! Cannot wait to get cosy outside now, and melt marshmallows by the fire! So thank you very much for all the effort put in this Christmas, as I'm not going to lie, I didn't do as good as I'd have liked for others, well just my Mum really, I got her what she wanted, but I wanted to get more, and I just typically run out of time, and I just wasn't on it, so I have making up to do, apoligies, but I did make it home for Christmas, even if I was grumpy!

The last few hours of the evening were spent munching, (I think over 2 days I ate around 12 packets of crisps!) drinking, watching all the Christmas soaps, getting into my Christmas pyjamas and slumping out!

So all in all I did have a lovely Christmas and it has flown by so quickly, but next year I WILL be organised and on top of the Holiday Season of Christmas!

What's next in Holiday world.... Oh St Valentines, let's see if I'm ready for that... Hmm that's a lie, New years is next, and guess what, I'm not ready for it, so I'm not celebrating, shock horror!! But I did celebrate Halloween this year, so I made up for one Holiday!

If anyone has any fab stay at home New Year's Eve celebration ideas, please pass them on!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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