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Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Foxy Locks Hair Extension Delivery.

Wooop every girl loves new hair extensions! I'd previously purchased from Foxy Locks about a year and a half ago, and I loved the hair, but I purchased two regular 20" sets for volume, but as it was two packs, it was a lot of effort to clip them all in, so I eventually stopped wearing them.

Over the last year I grew confident in wearing my natural hair length and I really enjoyed it, but lately, especially during this festive season, I had been craving long thick hair, but I knew I didn't want to get permanent extensions and risk damaging how far I'd come in growing and strengthening my real hair, so obviously I went back to Foxy Locks!

They have four clip in extension sets, the regular 20" set, which weighs 165g, the deluxe 20" set weighing 125g, the superior 20" set weighs 230g, and the new luxurious range which is 24" in length and weighs a whopping 280g. Now me being me wanted to go for the thickest set, but I knew 24" was way too long for me as I was ideally looking for around the 18" mark, and then I also noticed that you could purchase a 50g volumizer hair piece in 20" individually and I could add that to my clip ins if need be.

So I made my choice and went for #1 Jet Black, 20" superior clip in, 230g. I can't deny there was a niggling feeling telling me they weren't going to be thick enough, but I deffo ate my words once they arrived.

They are huge! The transformation is amazing, and as the wefts are a lot thicker it means your not putting in tons of strips. The set comes with 8 pieces, one 8" wide with 4 clips, three 6" wide with 3 clips, two 5" wide with 2 clips, and another two 4.5" wide with two clips. This retails at £132 and it is a full head of human hair, so you can curl, straighten & wash it, and treat it like your own hair, obviously providing you actually look after your real hair.

They literally take minutes to put in, and are extremely secure, as I wore them Christmas day and my cousins 6 month old baby boy loved them, and spent the whole afternoon dribbling on them and trying to pull them out! I even walked past while my Uncle was carrying him and his arms stretched out fully trying to reach my hair! It was a precious moment, a L'Oréal 'because your worth it' moment!

Here are a few snaps, I'm looking forward to trying different styles, but these pics just briefly show you how thick the set is, and again, this is the superior set, not even the luxurious!

You can shop the range at

They deliver Worldwide, including a next day delivery option in the UK, and not only do they do hair extensions, they sell eyelashes, brushes, hair buns & storage cases, and after putting in the promo code 'foxyimogen' I got a free gift too, which was a hairbrush/mirror compact, I don't know if this is just during the Christmas season, but it was a nice little freebie, so thanks Imogen! (The founder of Foxy Locks)

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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