BLOGMAS - Day 12 xo

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Non Existent Advent Calendar.

So I think this may be the first year I haven't had an Advent Calendar. My Mother did say she searched high and low for a Frozen themed one, but couldn't find one anywhere. She's normally very good with calendars, I normally get a Barbie one or something very girly, which makes me happy to look at, but the chocolate will sadly never taste as good as Cadbury chocolate.

This December was a slight shock to the system not having one to look forward to, but luckily my partner got given one from his work....

Thank you Nationwide, we appreciate it :)

I do actually really like the design on this, it's extremely festive and wintery. I love the lights on all the houses as they look very cosy and the Reindeer's and Santa flying across the moon in the sky is magical, and don't get me started on the snow, we all dream of a bit of snow on Christmas day, and the smoke coming from the chimney...

Maybe I like it more than I thought!

Next year I one hundred percent want to get a beauty calendar. Don't get me wrong, they cost a fortune, but I feel for not having one this year, I deserve an extra special one next year!

Muchos Love, 

Chanelle SP

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