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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My first trip to Lush!

Okay in all honesty this isn't again very Christmassy, but the reason behind that is, that I cannot buy any of their christmas themed bubble bars or bath bombs because sadly I don't have a bath in my flat, but I still managed to walk away with a couple of products although not Christmas related.

Everytime you pass the store Lush, you'll be hit with the strongest mix of scents ever! The smell is lovely, but so overpowering which is why I have never been into Lush, and I really wish I'd done my research sooner.

I have quite sensitive dry skin, and because of the smells coming from the store, I automatically assumed the products would be so strong that they would irritate my skin, or that they would be full of perfume so that's why you could smell them from a mile off, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Lush use all organic and vegetarian products, and they are all freshly hand made which I was highly shocked by.

My first trip to Lush ended up turning into three trips, this was because I had no clue what anything was or did, other than the bath products I can't purchase, so i left and did a bit of googling, on my return it was pretty busy so I couldn't get help, and third time lucky (at 21:40) I got the best customer service ever, so thank you, apologies I don't know the ladies name, but it was in Westfield White City, and she looked after me even after the store had closed.

She managed to talk me through quite a few products, and even demonstrated a lot on me too, which in the end I only picked two items as it was my first time and I didn't want to go overboard with products I didn't have experience with.

I purchased a massage bar, which before I was given the brief on it, I though it was soap! I bought the Soft Coeur also known as The Honeymooner, obviously other than the two tested on me I had no clue what to expect from these or which one to chose in regards to what they do. I loved the look of this one as it was heart shaped & I'm a sucker for a love heart, and it contains cocoa too. My second item was the You Snap the Whip body butter (interesting choice of name, and I was also told there is a story behind the names), other than the lady testing it on me, I haven't actually used this as I want to purchase the Lush square tin to store it in as I want it to last as long as possible, but it is used in the shower (woop) and it exfoliates the skin. I will blog on this in the future, but this post will be about my massage bar.

My Soft Coeur is AMAZING !

I wish I'd know about it sooner, and even after purchasing it on the 28th November, I wish I hadn't waited till now to use it! It is so moisturising, you start by warming it in your hands, as it starts to melt at body temperature, then literally just rub the bar all over your body. For people that aren't used to soaking their body in moisture, this will probably feel quite greasy, but it soaks in super fast and feels so soft.

Some of the ingredients included are honey for moisture and antiseptic, cocoa butter which soothes and softens, and cocoa powder a block in the centre of the love heart. Now I'm rubbish with describing scents, but it does smell rather nice, online it's referred to as a toffee like fragrance. I have also read a few reviews that it gets annoying as you get to the center of the heart as the chocolate leaves marks everywhere. I haven't got there yet as I've used it once, but I've read to just remove the cocoa block and the rest is still perfect.

So again I'm extremely pleased I plucked up the courage to go into Lush, the selection of products they produce is incredible as it's very varied. I'm definitely looking forward to buying more massage bars as I can't see this lasting five minutes as I am about to completely over use it. If anyone would like to lend me a bath, I'd love to try out some bubble bars, bath bombs or bath melts, which has reminded me I'm going Spain in January could trial some then, although I'm challenging myself to just taking hand luggage, so may not be enough space! I also can't wait to try their lip range, and Ro's Argan body conditioner, in store I was shown how it works, and my arm did feel incredibly smooth, but it has a pricier tag, so I wanted to try other products first before I threw myself in with a Lush Haul, but eventually I will get there and I'm looking forward to it.

You can purchase products from the Lush site HERE but if your inexperienced like me, it's better to head into store and try some stuff out yourself.

Please let me know your favourite Lush products, or any you advise I should try, I need help picking my next massage bar.

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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