BLOGMAS- Day 11 xo

Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Wonderland!

Today we went to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park in London. Our plan was to go for 1 or 2pm but I was desperate to pick up a memory card for my new camera to get some footage of the day, but annoyingly my local Argos was sold out of the 64GB SD card so we had to venture off to Streatham to collect one, before heading on into Central. We arrived at Hyde Park at 5pm, so it was dark, but was actually nice to see all the effects of the lights.

Todays Blogmas is in fact my first Vlogmas, but I don't have my new laptop yet to edit the video so I had to then take a load of photos on my phone so I could still create my blogmas.

I had a wonderful day, minus the cold, wondering around Winter Wonderland was beautiful, we stopped for fries, fran had a sausage dog & then a steak burger, I had my favourite coated peanuts, and then finished off with a mulled wine, which sadly wasn't as hot as I'd have liked, but glad I got to have one.

Afterwards we headed down Oxford Street, I got some more make up as usual, got some items from Lush again, Francisco bought me the Angel perfume by Thierry Mugler. My lovely friend introduced me too it and oh my I am addicted! The smell is so strong I love it! I also got some fairy lights and lil' bits from Tiger and some other random bits too.

Enjoy this sneak peek at Winter Wonderland...

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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