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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Christmas themed chopping board.... As you do!

All of you on any of my social media sites will know that I'm currently addicted to smoothies as everyvday I seem to post the same picture of the same flavoured smoothie! I used to make my smoothies with ice cream, so really more like milkshakes with added fruit. I never believed I would actually be able to eat fruit on its own, actually I didn't even think smoothies were made like that until I saw a video on YouTube, it may have even been someone's vlog, but they literally used three pieces of fruit and added ice, so I challenged myself to give it a go. I went for strawberries, raspberries and grapes as I knew they would be something I could eat individually if I didn't like it, butttt....

Shock Horror, I bloomin' loved it!

The beverage is unbelievably refreshing, full of taste and zest. I'm a sucker for tangy food, the more bitter the apple the better, I despise normal tasting Golden Delicious, it's all about the Granny Smith, or maybe even a cooking apple! Bless my poor IBS, forgive me for my terrible decisions! Talking of tangy, maybe trying a smoothie with pineapple would do the trick also, I'm going to have to start searching for smoothie combinations as I really don't want to get bored of my current flavour. Banana is a definite no go as it makes the texture too thick, and I'm enjoying it just the way it is.

So enough of the contents as that's not very festive, and back to the reason why this post is in blogmas....

My Christmas Tree shaped bamboo chopping board!

So cute right! My initial plan was to purchase a heart shaped board, but it was out of stock when i went on my George Home at Asda home haul, but instead I came across this beauty, and who could refuse that bargain at only £4 and I promised myself I would continue using it until it's no longer usable, but I think that could be sooner than I expected as after using it just once (now) it looks like it could already have splints! Meh, no one wants wood chop in their food! But I will keep my eye on it and use it for as long as possible!

Here is my step by step smoothie process in images...

Wash and chop (if needed) the fruit, as said previously, you can see here I've gone for strawberries, raspberries and red grapes.

Once it's ready, layer the fruit into the blender first, then put the ice cubes on top. Once I put them at the bottom and the blades kept getting trapped, whereas the motion is already in full swing by the time it touches the ice if they are placed on top. I use about half a tray per smoothie.

All about the thumbs up cheese!!
(Ignore the cray cray hair, I've been shooting all day and it was back combed into a quiff on top)

And voila! There you have it, a gorgeous healthy beverage made it minutes!

Oooo it's like a party in my mouth! I can't believe I actually prefer it to eating the solid version of the fruits.

Please guys if you have any scrumptious smoothie ideas, please update me so I can get juicing more!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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