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Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Real Miniature Christmas Tree.

Today's going to be a short one, but I just wanted to share this with you all, I own a real Christmas Tree, even if it is about 30cms, I love it!

I think it's absolutely beautiful. It comes in a gorgeous little hessian waterproof pot, with a bow on the front, dangling a little wooden love heart, which we all know are my favourite. I found this tree in Next, I originally noticed a tree the same size but with glitter all over the front of the tree, and a silver pot with a strip of diamanté's on it, and as much as I do love my bling, I'm very into shabby chic type things so I decided to make the mature decision and go for a more fitting tree.

Lovely isn't it? 

I've decided it fits perfectly on my dressing table so it shall be staying there over the Christmas season, and because of this simple design, I would love to have it up longer, as it's plant like rather than just Christmassy, although OMG I've been trying to google, are you meant to water these!? They come in soil, and the pot is waterproof, so I guess potentially maybe, but I really have no clue, so any advice, please comment below.

Aw I literally feel so happy when I stare into this corner, especially as the pink Christmas tree is next to my dresser as well. I also, as anyone following my social media sites will know, after work on Friday, walked from Hyde Park Corner all the way to Brixton with a gigantic balloon in my hand! I was determined to get it home, and as it was rush hour, I knew there was no way I was getting it on a bus, or underground, so yes, I literally trekked it that whole journey. 

Ya'll can agree it was worth it right!!!? :D

So so pretty if I don't say so myself!

So if you have any advice on my little live tree please do let me know, or if you'd like to get one yourself, I purchased it from Next for only £5, I got it in store, but you can check out their website HERE.

Muchos Love, 

Chanelle SP

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