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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

VIP X Factor 2014 Final!

Well what a day this was! Me, my partner, my Mother & my cousin got invited to the pre party VIP style at The Hilton hotel, then headed on over to the live show (VIP seats) and then back over to the after party.

The pre party started at 6, so we arrived at The Hilton Hotel just before 5pm and headed to The Icons Bar for pre pre drinks, had a lovely catch up, then went and collected our tickets for the show and passes for the party.

After hanging up our coats, we walked into a large room, and was greeted straight away with glasses of wine, beers and soft drinks. There was also a large bar in the centre of the room serving unlimited drink, food stations around the room with many different themes, including people walking around offering food and drink. At one end of the room was a stage where some of the previous X Factor contestants from this series performed, and a seating area for them just right of the stage. There was a make up area, with large mirrors surrounded by lights, and a chance to be the panel of judges, and have your photo snapped, and they would even print it off and frame it for you. This room followed through to another large room with a complimentary bar, sofas and chairs, the largest pick n mix section (which I really did get the largest ever pick n mix that I'm still munching now) and a long stand of delicatessary, including Christmas themed food. Also a chance to have your picture snapped in front if the sponsorship billboard.

The party was so much fun, it felt fabulous mingling with the fabulous. The music was great, the acts were good, and the pre party literally flew by. We were then escorted over to Wembley Arena, passing people queuing, and ushered straight in. Now the only reason I just gloated about that, is because we've been there, done that! That was us at the same show (saturday night final) exactly a year ago, queuing in the freezing cold for like 7 hours straight, being told there was no tickets left, then hanging around even longer and managing to sit in tbe VIP seats last year, which was incredible, but the queuing in the cold was insane. So I was truly ever so appreciative of the experience we had this time round. We again were sat in VIP seats, and we were actually seated by the three final contestants families which was a lovely atmosphere.

The show as per usual was beyond amazing. I'm a massive fan of Andrea, so I'm really pleased I got to see him perform live, I'd been rooting for him from his first audition in his pug jumper, so was a really special moment. I got to see Meghan Trainor perform all about that base which is a current favourite song. I saw Ed Sheeran perform live... Twice! Need I say anymore. Ella Henderson with Andrea, performing another song I love, Labrinth, Take That, and the talented winner and runner up, Ben & Fleur, and a few of the other previous contestants. So other than Andrea being voted out, it was the perfect show.

We then headed back over to the after party, which was in full swing. Annoyingly due to the final tube, us living in South West London and the fact I had work the next day, we had to leave just before midnight, but I still munched on way more food. The only thing that was a bummer is that I'm not a massive drinker! I had almost 3 glasses of wine before the show,  but afterwards I just couldn't drink anymore and it was heartbreaking, I felt I should be drinking for England as it was free alcohol, and even more annoying, my Mum loves a glass of wine, but she had to drive back up to Northamptonshire so she could only have one, so I felt even more guilty not drinking for her! Ha!

So I can safely say for all of us that we really did have a great time, and now we have to spend the next year planning how we can top it!!

Here's some pictures...

And by some, I mean all, ALL of my X Factor pictures which has taken me hours to upload! I plan to be selective with pictures for future posts!

Hope you felt like you were almost there too ;)

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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