Makeup Revolution Eyeliner, Brightener, Primer & Shadow Pallette

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Makeup Revolution London, is a new brand, and seems to be going from strength to strength since it first launched, and on the plus side, it is actually a British brand, so congrats on your success so far.

Everytime I read someone's blog, Makeup Revolution is always being mentioned, complimented and raved about! So I felt I needed to try me a piece of the hype!

I started of with a few simple eye products, I purchased their double flick liquid eyeliner, their inner eye brightener and their focus and fix eye primer...

I love them all, it's sooo handy that the liquid eyeliner actually comes with two different sized felt nibs, I use the thin side for creating my flick, and the thicker side for colouring in, it also means it's super handy if you feel your flick is too thick, the thin side will the lengthen out the tip of your flick for an instant point finish.

This eyeliner retails at £3.50 which is an absolute bargain anyway, never mind for two liners essentially! I've had this product months and it's still going strong and full of life, so I am overly impressed with this liner, and how easy it is to use.

My lil eyeliner collage!

The eye brightener pen comes in a nude colour, I suppose it's almost like wearing a white eyeliner in the lower waterline of your eye, but less dramatic as nude is a bit more minimalistic, in the collage above, I am wearing the eye brightener on the top right corner picture, and bottom right too. This product is sold for £2.50, which again is another bargain, especially if you want to trial this type of inner eyeliner.

Now onto the focus & fix eye primer, I love this little beauty, it brings out the colour and staying power in all my eyeshadows, I'll avoid it if I'm wearing a cream eyeshadow, but mattes and shimmers it's just great for. I also have a dark eyelid because of my colouring so I'm usually putting on loads of concealer before even getting to my eyeshadow, whereas with this I don't even bother, it's also great as I use a really moisturising cream, so without my foundation and powder, products would probably slide off so this offers me full colour and security, the applicator is such an easy shape to just glide on, and the colour is really appealing on the eye too, even if I do go and then cover it up!

This item is £2.50 and comes in three varieties, original, matte & brighten, the brighten which I have is perfect for metallic shadows, as it gives that extra oomph, compared to the other two.

Here is my swatch of all of them, and you can see how black the eyeliners are, and how gorgeous the colour of the primer is.

Following on in the eye department I treated myself to a 12 piece eyeshadow redemption pallette iconic 3, now I had spent several weeks, pondering upon the idea of buying a Naked pallette, and we all know about these and after looking into the different colours of the pallettes, I fell in live with Naked 3, and as much as I do love to buy expensive make up at times, the thought of spending that kind of money on eyeshadow in my current situation of life is a no way hose situ! I'd spend around the £25 mark on foundation, powders etc, but spending £37 on the Naked eyeshadow set is a no go, until yesterday when my life turned around...

I've always headed over to the Makeup Revolution counter in Superdrug, but I guess I've never overly studied their eye shadow pallettes until... Dupe Alert, Smile Alert, Heart Skips a Beat Alert! Low and behold staring right at me is Makeup Revolution's very own version of the Naked 3 pallette.... All for £4..... In stock, just waiting for me! I grabbed one and headed for the tills!

As I only purchased this yesterday, I haven't yet worn the shadows, but I felt it was only right I swatched the pallette of pearls, mattes and shimmers, the colours are beautiful, and as you can see on the swatch, every colour is individual, I wanted to take a photo with the flash on so you could see how they reflect in the light, and one without.

This brand is perfect for people experimenting with makeup, as the quality is superb and the price is a dream, so you really get the opportunity to try out different products, I've got my eye on some of their blushes, and this year I'm really looking into contouring, so can't wait to give the rest of the collection a go, and on top of that, the packaging is sleek and professional, just like the product!

Shop the range HERE

And please let me know any of their products you guys like!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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