BLOGMAS - Day 21 xo

Monday, December 22, 2014

The Christmas Before Christmas!

Since I have been alive I have spent every Christmas with my Mother, we've missed Birthdays, but in 25 years not missed a Christmas. This is my third Christmas with my partner, but will be the first actual Christmas day we will spend together, as I'm not originally from London and he is, it makes it hard, so this year he did say he'd travel with me to Northamptonshire, which I'm thankful for, but then obviously it's sad he won't get to see his family on Christmas day. So we made sure we had a mini Christmas day the Sunday before Christmas.

Me & Francisco opted for matching Christmas outfits.

I got the Christmas hat out,

And the decor was up at the Vicente household.

It was a lovely evening, I enjoyed having salmon while every one else had meat, and it was nice talking about all the Portuguese traditional Christmas recipes.

We didn't do any present giving, as Fran will be popping in Christmas Eve to Spend a few hours with them before we catch the train out of London for Christmas.

I have a feeling that Blogmas is supposed to be like an Advent Calendar and just lead up to Christmas, but I will be continuing mine after as I will be seeing my London family on the 27th, so I can't skip that out! Shame I don't get to see my Grandparents at Christmas, but we are flying over second week of January so I'm superrrrrr excited for that. Christmas feels like it's never ending which is great as I love this time of the year, and I keep thinking it's nearly over, but it really isn't!


Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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