Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm one of those girls who loves hair extensions, and the bigger the hair the better, I would wear them constantly (either weft or bonds), and I loved it as you could create every style under the sun. This was all great when I always had places to go or constantly worked, but as of summer last year I decided to become freelance or self employed (which

ever you prefer to use), and I didnt need to have glamourous hair everyday, which also gave me the perfect opportunity to give my natural hair a break. From August if I needed length to my hair I would wear clip ins which are efficient in doing a great job, but you would need to put in so many to get the desired effect of thick, night out, clubbing hair, which then in turn became uncomfortable with tons of clips digging in my head.

This is where I turned to Easilocks, they do a fabulous range of hair pieces from ponytails, to buns, to even fringes, but the one that caught my eye was the 'Superstar Hair Piece'.

I was initially worried because its a non-human hair piece, but it does all the exact things that you can do with human hair, you can wash it, straighten & curl it up to 200 degrees and it comes with a gorgeous natural bounce, which is just the effect I love without even doing anything to it! And thats not even the best thing about it....

You can literally do your hair in like 5 minutes, but leave the house looking like it took you a good couple of hours! Heres how I put mine in.

After brushing through my hair, I section of the front and shove it in a pony to keep it separated - because my hairs quite thin I like to do my section a tad further back than normal just to make sure theres enough hair to hide the hair piece.

Then back comb the hair on the crown of your head, this makes the hair thicker so the grip is stronger between the hair piece & the natural hair.

Now you can insert the hair piece. It has a grip on the top that goes straight into your hair, also with an extra grip at the bottom. Depending on what im doing and because I put my hair piece slightly further back than usual, I add a couple of kirby grips either side just for extra security. This is not needed, its just a personal thing that I do.

The hair is securely in place and now its time to blend your natural hair over the piece. I like to have a small side parting at the front still and then I gently back comb the remaining and smooth it over the rest of the hair. Add whatever products you use e.g hairspray, I only use sheen because the natural texture of my hair doesnt go great with hairspray.

And there you have it, a total hair transformation in a matter of minutes!! I love how handy the packaging is too as it comes with a zippable case and clip hanger.

Heres some pictures of my natural hair length, and other times I've wore my Easilocks.

You can purchase this Easilocks Superstar Hairpiece from www.easilocks.com and it originally retails at £79.99 but is currently selling at £60.99 (11/02/14) in 13 different shades.

I constantly recieve compliments when wearing this hairpiece, I'm so glad I made the purchase!!

Kisses Chanelle xo

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