Dying My Hair Cosmic Blue With Schwarzkopf Live

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey Guys, Happy Monday, lets's be cheery, as it's my Birthday week, plus I surprisingly love a Monday anyway, so double bonus!

I dyed my hair a couple of weeks ago, which is something I've been doing for years, and I always go for the same colour, but this time I slightly switched it up, and I love it, so I wanted to share the results with you beauties.

So for a long, long time I've been dying my hair jet black, I'll use any brand, but it's always been the blackest black in the range, but I've never felt like my hair looked black enough, or it would feel dark for like the first week, but then I'd always look at other peoples hair and felt that theirs looked darker, but then us women are never satisfied with anything on ourselves typically! 

I then decided I was going to try a blue/black, I don't know why, I was just feeling adventurous and wanted to try something slightly different, (annoyingly couldn't be too adventurous as I have black hair in my head shots, and plus after dying your hair black, no others colours are going to take to it, unless I went to a salon and did it properly, but let's just say I'm on a box dye budget, plus black is like the easiest colour to go, so doing it at home has never been an issue.

So over the years I've used and trusted Schwarzkopf Live and I noticed they had a colour called Cosmic Blue (090), which looked just perfect, so into my basket it went, and I managed to pick it up on offer for £4.00 from Superdrug. BARGAIN!

The kit comes with 5 items:

Live Colour Cream Tube
Developer Lotion
Instruction Leaflet
Pair Of Gloves (Inside Leaflet)
Live Colour After Treatment

The leaflet includes and easy step by step guide on how to dye your hair, whether it's a first time application or a root regrowth application, so it's really simple to follow. 

I have medium - long length hair, and I still managed to have leftover product in the bottle afterwards, and I used and extremely generous amount on my hair.

Once I'd applied it all over the hair, I separated it into two buns and left the dye on my hair for around 30 minutes, which is the required time to do so.

I love that the texture is quite creamy, so it doesn't run down your hairline or onto your neck, which I have experienced previously, so it's really tidy and easy to work with.

After rinsing out the dye, and using the after treatment, I then styled my hair as usual.

My hair felt so soft and full of vibrant colour, I was instantly in love. Due to previously dying my hair black, I was never going to have the 'bluest' colour in my hair, but there was a subtle tint in there, but what was most important to me was that it looked really, really black! 

I mean the thought of going to a salon and getting it done so there's a strong hint of blue in there does excite me massively, but for years I've just been wanting my hair to look super black, which granted it has looked black, but it's never made me feel like a jet black, and right now I do, so I'm loving it!

Aghh, I'm literally so obsessed with how dark it is, so thank you Schwarzkopf for bringing out this Cosmic Blue coloured box dye at such an inexpensive price, blue/black is definitely now my go to colour!

Are there any colour dyes you've picked up at the drugstore and would highly recommend? 

Please let me know, and I'll speak to you guys soon <3

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