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Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Christmas Pyjamas

This year I have decided to push the boat out and get Christmas themed PJ's! Every year I debate on buying a Christmas jumper as I think it will only get worn for a couple of weeks, but I suppose it could just stay in the draw till next year, I have just been a Negative Nelly, this year I'm a Positive Polly, so I made the pyjama purchase.

Annoyingly the top and bottoms don't actually match, but I fell in love with the bottoms first, so it was the closest match I could find without going on a big hunt.

'I'm on the naughty list' Naaaat! Well to be fair I probs am, but I like to think I'm more angelic than naughty! This tee is from New Look, retailing at £7.99 and the bottoms also New Look, at £6.99

I love the little Christmas puddings on them, which is weird because I despise Christmas pudding, but these are just the cutest. Although typical of my luck, I bought them like 3 weeks ago, and the security tag was left on, so other than me trying them on, I haven't been able to snuggle in them! So I really need to look at getting those untagged so I can wear them before the new year! Also got a pretty little dress, but the tags been left on that too!

Check my Unicorns! These slippers are so comfy and girly. I previously had Pug slippers, but they are worn out, so it was the perfect time to purchase Unicorns, especially as it's a magical time of year, these originally retailing at £10.99 also from New Look. Check the website HERE

So there you have my Chritmas Season wear, although hopefully I really do get to wear it before Christmas is over... which is crazily in one week! I can't describe how behind I am this year with the shopping!

I'm seeing one of my besties tomorrow and after we get our nails done, we're going Christmas shopping, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be better prepared for Christmas!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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