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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve!

Okay I'm not going to lie, unfortunately my Christmas Eve wasn't the best. I'm not going to go into it, but there weren't too much excitement going on. I had to work, so it definitely did not feel like Christmas, although the shift was okay. I then rushed to Euston to get the train back to my Mum's for the holidays, but my partner got to the station so late that he nearly missed the train, and they were the final trains, so it was one stress after the other, but we made it home, and the piling on the pounds began.

So I've decided after briefly talking about what I did, this post will be about my Yankee Candles!

Towards the end of this year, I have found a new love for Yankee Candles, my general fave is cinnamon sticks, it's such a hearty smell, making me feel like I'm in a cottage, or a lodge, probably just me, but it makes me feel cosy and sweet.

Obviously as it's Christmas, I had to purchase a festive selection pack. This pack came with 5 different scents, Christmas Garland, Candy Cane Lane, Angel's Wings, Icicles & Christmas Eve. I haven't yet got through all the candles as initially I tried to hold off opening them till closer to Christmas, and then I got that busy that I couldn't get through them, so I have used Christmas Garland & Icicles so far. Generally most the time I am bunged up & struggle to smell things, and on top of that my description of scents is beyond shocking, so I really can't offer you a low down on how they smelt, but the few times I got a whiff of the Christmas Garland it smelt very outdoorsy, reminded me of growing up, when I used to visit my Grandparents house and they used to have these huge pine trees, and I could just visualise those covered in snow as that's what tree the candle smelt like, so it was a really warm, familiar feeling when I could actually smell it!

So the feeling that the Christmas Garland candle gave me, with the feeling of snow, I think that's what the Icicles candle should have given me, but I'm pretty sure it didn't, however it does have a lovely little scent, it's not overpowering when lit, but it is peaceful and relaxing, and just a really nice candle to smell just while it's sitting in the glass. Me and my partner both just separately referred it to smelling like lavender, but I'm not sure if that's just the lilac colour leading us to feel that way!

I really need to get on to using the rest, as I hear that Candy Cane Lane is a great scent, so I'm saving that one till last I think!

Oh if anyone knows an easy way to scrape the wax out the base of the glass, please do let me know, as I got one out really easy, but the others I've struggled with!

Also if you have a scent you advise, please do let me know, which makes me think maybe I should quickly try my Candy Cane Lane as they have a massive sale on the official site HERE and I wouldn't want to miss out!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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