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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Come Make a Christmas Card With Sky.

I work for an incredible promo company called Coalition Event Services, (if your a performer or a promo King/Queen look them up & get involved) and one of the jobs I've done a few times with them recently is with the Sky campaign at Westfield Shopping Centre.

Currently it is Christmas themed and all about Sky Movies (offer is half price Sky movies subscription for 6 months) and what's a massive movie...

Disney's Frozen!

So you can imagine how happy I was rocking up and being greeted by a ginormous cardboard cut out of Queen Elsa & Princess Anna!

Amazing right!! I think I get more excited than the kiddies everytime I see it, thanks to this display, I even got to sing a duet with a little girl. I was stood by it & she came over and sang the words 'The snow glows white on the mountain tonight' which my response obviously was 'Not a footprint to be seen' then she continued 'A kingdom of isolation' and as I sang 'And it looks like I'm the Queen' she had clocked that her Mum was still walking and ran off after her, so yes I just SANG IN PUBLIC with a random child and it felt fantastic haha, favourite moment of the job, I hope it felt as special to her as it did to me! Yes I'm a big kid, we all know that!

And about the job, we are making personalised photo Christmas cards, and even better than that, they are completely free! You start by picking a design, most are from Frozen woop, and other options are from The Lego Movie, The Muppets & Spiderman, then you take your selfie, which gets inserted onto the card, and then you leave your personal message. These photo cards can then be emailed to yourself & others, shared on Facebook and Twitter, and we can also post 3 free copies to your house as well. It's really nice when companies offer things for nothing, although sometimes hard to convince the general public that!

On top of free cards, there is a sled game where you have to collect all the snowflakes and get to the end as fast as possible, which I am absolutely shocking at, but it's a lot of fun as it's much harder than it looks and everyone thinks they are going to smash it until they actually start playing! The top score each week also wins Love To Shop vouchers, again a nice little giveaway from Sky this Christmas.

So everyone get yourself down to Westfield White City & make your free themed card before Christmas is over, or you can get yourself online and create one there.

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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