My Lip Filler With Dr Robert

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Well I'm on vacay right now, and wayyyyy to many of you have been texting, asking, commenting on photos and private messaging me about my lips, so from now on I will be pasting this link to the next person that asks ;)

After months of wanting to see this guy, and now wondering why I didn't go sooner, on Thursday 5th March, I finally had an appointment with Dr Robert to get my lips done!

Where do I begin... I am so over the moon with the 'lip service' as I like to call it, that I received. So much time and care was taken over my lips. I've seen many different specialists, so I'm not basing my opinion on a first time experience as I've been having my lips done for 3 and a half years.

Dr Robert spent around 45 minutes with me, including finding out what I wanted done to my lips, and working with me to reach the desired outcome, compared to the previous specialist I saw who inserted 1ml of filler into my lips in less than 5 minutes!! This is the only time I had an awful experience, the rest over the years have been great, but I was just shocked to see how much time and care was given with Dr Robert.

After a few moments of laughing about how my top lip was double the size of my bottom, we got to work! Or should I say he got to work, I got to trying to relax my fear of needles.

I opted for 1ml of Juvederm, I go with juverderm as I've used it from the get go (minus that 5 minute appointment where I had teosyal) and I've always been happy with it, and the filler has always lasted in my lips, whether I've left the gap 6 months, or one time when I waited a year, my lips still had life and have never reverted to their natural state.

We also agreed he would put slightly more in the bottom lip, to even my pout. So after the numbing cream had kicked in, he started off with the top lip, in the outer corner working inwards, making tiny incisions of filler (the first time I've noticed it to be so detailed) into the lip, and massaging it in, repeating the other side. Where over the years I've had too much filler in my cupids bow, I've lost the lip shape, so he sharpened my lip line as much as possible without adding to the top area, which might I add I haven't had lip filler inserted there for over a year, thus proving Juverderm lasts on me!

He then continued the same process in the bottom lip, untill he had achieved the perfect pout. I love that he took so much care making sure my lips were full, all the way to the edge, inserting minimal amount at a time and not rushing any of it. He warned me I would probably feel more swollen than usual because I had been pricked more times, but I can honestly say it was the complete opposite as such small amounts were put in, rather than a larger chunk in one place that was then massaged out, the swelling was all equal meaning that I didn't overly notice it.

Also during the procedure the pain was minimal, not sure whether to be thankful for the super strong numbing cream, or that Dr Robert's hands are magical ;) you guys will have to work that one out for yourselves!

It's been four days, and I'm loving my lips, I haven't yet put lipstick on, just vaseline, or moisturising chubby sticks, there's still bits of my lips that are slightly tender if squeezed, but otherwise it's virtually been pain free, and like anyone who's had it done will probably know, sometimes the swelling is the best part as your lips feel so full and amazing haha, sounds completely insane if you've not had them done!!

So my answer is yes, I would completely advise Dr Robert, is that the word I'm looking for... Advise!? I'm having a lil mind blank! Anyways I'm completely happy with the procedure, glad I've finally gone to him, although I guess thankful I've had a worse experience, so I can truly appreciate his work, he's so passionate about what he does, and is the first person to fully take on board what I wanted done also!

Dr Robert, is located on Harley Street in London, and also has appointments available in Chloe's Beauty Bar in Brentwood.

Please do not hesitate to ask him any further questions, also please mention me when doing so, as so so so many of you have been asking me for ages. I will link his site etc, and drop him a message for prices!

Ignore the face, but just prior to visiting Dr Robert...

Difference from the side...

And two from the front...

These photos are taken a couple of hours prior and after my fillers were done.

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