BLOGMAS - Day 18 xo

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Shopping!

Oh boy, this year I have not been on top of this whatsoever. I think this is the busiest I've been work wise leading up to Christmas that I've completely been distracted.

Luckily today me and my girl Riona, planned to get our nails done in the morning, and spend the rest of the day shopping. Well girls being girls, we were obviously late, and by we, I mean her, so by the time we'd finished with our nails it was like 3pm.

I'm trying to go Autumnal with my make up during this season, so I've opted for a slightly berry lip, and an eye shadow to match, both by Maybelline New York.

OMG by the way while we were in the nail salon, a music video came on the television, and my head was thinking I recognise this track, only to then look up and realise it's a music video I'm featured in by Timaya, always a nice feeling!

After making it over to Westfield Shopping Centre, typically we shopped for ourselves first! I seem to be treating myself a lot this Christmas.

I got a dress, eye mask to sleep in, had to resist purchasing this beauty!

I love it, was quite reasonably priced at £10 from Claire's Accessories, but I have already purchased a Christmas scrunchy, and I wouldn't really get much use out of this bow, so I convinced myself it was not needed.

I also, as previously talked about in another blog post, got myself a new diary, okay, okay, I got myself 2 new diaries! I had a 25% off voucher, but I deffinately spent more than what I should have as they are not very practical for the amount I write in my diary, but they are so beautiful! I was adamant I needed 1 day per page, and I just bought a 4 days per page diary, but it's Winnie The Pooh... So it's OK! I also got a girly small one as well, but that will just have job dates in, so hopefully the both together will be enough, plus now my Mum has just told me she bought me a small one too!

The larger diary retails at £9.49 and the smaller at £6.99 both from WHSmith.

I also got a few bits from Victoria's Secret, but not only for myself, I scratched one persons presents off my list too... Finally!

Obviously every shopping trip has to end with dinner, so me and the boy grabbed some food. I had Salmon Ramen which was beautiful, and the size of the portion was ginormous, and I cleansed my palette with a frozen Margarita,  NOM, NOM!

Genuinely was as good as it looked!

Okay so yes I did run out of shopping time, and I still haven't got everyone's present, and yes Christmas is a matter of days away, but I kind of know what I'm going with now, so hopefully Sunday, this will be completed, and Monday will be spent wrapping & packing for Christmassss, although if I'm honest, all I keep thinking is that it's nearly over, and it hasn't even begun!

Are you guys all ready for Christmas 2014!?

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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