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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Driving Home For Christmas!

Okay not quite as Christmas is over, but we were travelling back to London, which is now what I call home. We got up and packed our bags, Christmas was coming to an end, the part at my Mothers anyway. At 12 we had lunch, they had turkey sandwiches, while I had my first of many, portions of salmon.

We then hit the road, and luckily (thank you Asher) I had been pre warned about a fuel spillage on the A45 and how crazy the traffic was, so we took the scenic route through Olney, to the motorway. We only came to a standstill as we reached London, which is no surprise there!

We safely made it to my Great Grandma's, who is my Mum's, Mum's, Mum, and my Grandma's Brother & Sister were there, along with her Sister's Daughter, so we were all there except Grandma! But it was lovely as always catching up with everyone, exchanging more gifts and laughter! My Great Grandma cooks lovely food, and I went on and had my next portion of salmon.

Afterwards we watched a really old school film, ate chocolate gateaux and chatted the evening away. My Uncle Morris lives near Birmingham, so it was really special that he was down too, he's hilarious and I love being around him!

Annoyingly we forgot to take a family selfie, but I have some that we'd taken earlier on in the year, so I shall post them, and a bit of Great Grandma's Christmas decor!

In the evening Mum drove us back to ours and stayed the night, so it was great being with her for an extra night.

(Previous sleepover pic)

This is unchristmassy related, but a favourite security guard of not only mine, but everyone who works with me passed away yesterday, I got the news today and my heart sank. It hurts even more because I'd said my have a good Christmas at work during the day on Christmas Eve to him, but as he was leaving I could hear him shouting goodbye to everyone, and as I was round the corner doing something I just screamed it back, what I'd do now to have run up to him and gave him a massive hug goodbye :( He always said he wanted to work hard now, so he could live the life of luxury when he's older, and he did work hard, long hours, 5/6 days a week, and work was where he spent his final day. I have nothing but good things to say about Michael, he is a cheeky chappy, with a quirky surprisingly innocent smile, he flirted and made conversation with everyone, which may at times have even freaked out the customers when he would randomly join in their conversations, but he was just Michael & I wouldn't change a thing. He called me Princess all the time, which made me smile even if I was feeling like poop, and he honestly brightened up everyone's day! He was never ever negative, and we could all do with taking a leaf out of his book.

I miss u dearly, and my thoughts are with your family and friends.

RIP Michael, lots of love always.

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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