BLOGMAS - day 4 xo

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Christmas Music!

Today has basically been me blogging about my first 4 days of blogmas, I went to do it yesterday as I had already posted a blog on Tuesday 2nd but then realised blogmas is supposed to be Christmas related, so I have now done the first 4 days with this one being the 4th.

Inbetween my blogging I thought it would be festive to crank up the Christmas tunes and play some cards! Cards are always played around Christmas as that's usually when all the family are together, not that I can say I've ever played with my Mum, but we always play at my Grandparents house in Spain, and last time I was there was November 2013 (which is crazily the longest I haven't left the country, over a year! Shocking, but they have been to the UK a lot over the last year, and we're booked to fly out early January 2015 so it's all good). The cards we played with today (we have a large collection of designs) were Lanzarote themed, and we went there in January 2 years ago, so that's near the Christmas period too, and it always fills me with happy memories. Oh and talking of leaving the country, today we were meant to be flying to Lanzarote for a 5 day bargain holiday booked via wowcher, but when I went to confirm the holiday through the actual company the offer was ridiculous. The trip was actually 3 days, as the flights were 9pm on the 1st day, meaning you arrived on the 2nd day, and the return flight was at 3am meaning you lost your final day, I didn't even think it was possible to fly at that time in the morning unless you were already on a long haul flight! So luckily we could cancel and got our money back. I do advise groupon/ wowcher style sites for products, spa days or just hotels that have standard check in/out times, but not holidays that you have to then purchase through a travel agent that is only there to get more money out of you.

So we went a bit off track there didn't we, back to the Holiday spirit, can you guess what card game I'm playing!?

I am loving spotify! I can't believe I've just got in to it, I didn't realise they offered a free service on your mobile or tablet too, I know you get the ad breaks, and you can't select a specific track, and instead you have to listen to all the artists songs, but I still think this is great that it's available, and it actually makes me listen to a whole album rather than skipping to my few favourite tracks and not listening to anything else. This led me to 'Now That's What I Call Christmas' and I pretty much love every Christmas song, so it's just fabulous! I had my phone on full blast and I more than likely annoyed the neighbours, but its Christmas so I Don't Care *Sings Cheryl's song*

Here are a few of my fave Christmas Classics from NTWICM!

I think they are pretty good choices right!?

The album also played Auld Lang Syne, the traditional New Year song... which I had deffinately been singing 'Old Langs Eye' *ashamed* so my plan is to try to at least learn the chorus for the welcoming of 2015!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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