BLOGMAS - Day 19 xo

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Okay so today's blogmas is very Christmassy, and it's how to make your own Strawberry Santa's!

I feel like I've just gone and done some massive Bake - off, but really I haven't, I've literally shoved some whipped cream on my strawberries and made some eyes, but this shows you really how easy they are to make!

So the ingredients I used were just stuff I had in the fridge, so strawberries, whipped cream, and Dairy Milk buttons. If you wanted to go all out and be professional, you would probably want an icing pen instead of chocolate, but when it comes to eating it, the chocolate will definitely taste better! *inside tip*

I started by chopping the, as I like to call it, tree part of the strawberry off in a straight slice, as this will become the bottom of your Santa. 

You then make a slice towards the actual bottom of the strawberry, and this will then create your hat.

Next it is time to chop the chocolate up into tiny pieces for the eyes, or whatever you use to achieve this look. If you do use an icing pen you could create Santa's buttons too, or buckle.

The reason I cut up the eyes first is that they are quite hard to chop, and then it means they are ready to go as soon as the whipped cream is on, leading me to the next step which is the whipped cream, squeeze some onto the body of the strawberry, then place the hat on top, and squirt a tiny bit onto the top of the hat. This whipped cream was soft and at times hard to keep the hats in place, so making your own texture of cream may be more suitable. 

And now you have your very own Strawberry Santa's!!

Cute aren't they! The great thing about these is that they literally do take seconds to make! 

I forgot how nice strawberries and cream taste anyway, but getting that little added bonus chunk of chocolate just finished it off!

If you have any simple Christmas food ideas, please update me on them, but also take note of the word 'simple' too!

I just came across this picture which made me chuckle!!

Muchos Love, 

Chanelle SP

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