Autumnal Excitement

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Hey Cheekies!!

Happy 1st of October 2015!

It's Autumn, and as you can see, I am wayyyyyy too excited!!

I've always been a fan of Christmas, and festivities, but I don't think I usually get this hyped up around Autumn time, as I'm usually depressed that the short Summer we do have is disappearing right before our eyes. However this year, maybe since I've been blogging, I'm so attracted to beautiful sights, scenic views and those picture perfect moments, that I literally cannot wait to witness the leaves falling off the trees, the autumnal colours and smells gracing the air, and then finishing off the month of October with Halloween, granted I've never massively dressed up for Halloween, a bit of Cat ears and I'm good to go, but I do get excited for the celebration, and last year I even carved my own pumpkin, and I believe I'm pretty much on par with the pumpkin at Disneyland right!?

I was pretty chuffed with the result, if I do say so myself!!

So I did this post to share a few of the things I'm excited to do this Autumn Season, and to share a load of pictures I found online (I do not own the copyright), but these photos just make me so, so happy to look at them, and get me really excited for this next couple of months, before the hype of Christmas kicks in!

My Autumnal Checklist

Take Long walks through fields, forests and parks in my wellies.

Buy some cosy jumpers.

Carve another pumpkin.

Buy an Autumnal coloured coat, even though I have tons.

Take lots of scenic pictures and enjoy taking in the view.

Walk on crunchy leaves.

Relax with my Cinnamon Yankee Candle.

And fill the flat with other Autumnal Scents.

Bake something.

Drink lots of Hot Cocos - But not my Coco (my doggy).

With marshmallows.

Light the hacienda & burn large marshmallows on it, while wrapped in a blanky in the garden.

Recreate my lovely Baileys Hot Chocolate.

And generally drink Baileys too, although that's a bit more Christmassy.

Try and find the gloves I've wanted forever, black faux leather with a brown faux fur rim.

Wear my fluffy faux fur headbands, not sure what they are actually called!

Collect conkers, but don't bring them home, I have no room, although apparently they scare away spiders, so that's always handy.

Go to a Bonfire night and watch the fireworks.

And have lots of movie nights - Must watch Hotel Transylvania 2.

I'm actually going on holiday for two weeks in a few days, so part of October is actually going to be reasonably Summery still for me, however it'll mean I'll be even more excited when I get back to the UK to enjoy my Fall Season!

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do...

Fall Festive Inspiration

Please let me know the things you plan to do this Fall?

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP,

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