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Sunday, October 04, 2015

About 6 months ago, i wrote a blog post on my experience of getting my lips filled, this time as I'm now YouTubing, I did a vlog on my day with Dr Robert!

Please check it out here, as not all of you who see this post manage to see my YouTube channel!

All the links will be below, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel Only In Chanelle's World, I'd appreciate that, let me know if you have a channel too, I'd love to check it out!

YouTube Vlog

Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor, I'm just talking about my own personal experience, I'm not promoting any form of surgery, but I cannot tell you how many messages I've had from people regarding my lips, so I thought as I'm a YouTuber I'd obviously make a Vlog!! :)

Apologies it's long I just wanted to include as much info as possible, I think I may have also forgot to mention in the blog, I use Juvederm as a filler.

So I hope you find this useful, and it doesn't offend anyone, I am aware everyone has different opinions, if you are not interested in anything to do with this, please just don't watch, rather than leave any negative comments, which I have seen on other people's channels.

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My previous blogpost on my lip filler:

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