TomTom Spark Launch At Ministry Of Sound

Monday, October 05, 2015

Happy Monday Ya'll!

Ohhh last week has been a busy week, and I really wanted to show you guys what I'd been up to, as after all this is 'Only In Chanelle's World' but I've just been too busy to keep up and I'm off on my hols in the morning, so lets see if I can update you with a few of my shenanigans from last week!

On Wednesday the 30th of September I entered a Twitter competition to win tickets to the launch of the new TomTom Spark and I was fortunate enough to win! So firstly I'd like to say thank you to TomTom for picking me!

I was a manic rush from there, I found out I won just after 5pm, and the event started at 8:30pm that night, and we all know how long it takes a girl to get ready! My partner was on his was home from work, and I phoned him and was like, 'I'm getting in the shower, we're going to a party!' I didn't really give him much choice, but thankfully he didn't decline, and we spent the evening getting ready together, which was nice as we don't tend to party together often, or party generally either!

The Watch

So the event was to celebrate the launch of the new TomTom Spark. This is a new watch, that not only is a fitness GPS watch, but it now has an added element of music! Ministry Of Sound and TomTom have come together to create this fantastic watch bringing cardio and music together. It features space for over 500 songs, that you can transfer easily from iTunes or Windows Media Player, and uses Bluetooth to play the music straight into wireless earphones, so no getting caught on wires, which is definitely something I'd do! It also tracks your activity constantly, includes a heart rate monitor, and tracks all different kinds of sporting activities. 

The main thing that attracts me to this product is the music element! For me, music is motivation. I could be sat down, and a great song can come on that gives me an instant burst of energy, and that then makes me want to get up and move, wether that means dance, exercise, or just get something done around the house, but whatever it is, it's keeping me active, busy and motivated which is extremely important in life, and then that continues on into making me feel positive and upbeat, so whichever way I see it, music always makes me feel good, (minus the few songs that make you feel emotional) so either way music is a massive impact on most people's lives and daily activities and emotions, so this collaboration of easily connecting music with health and fitness tracking is a real bonus in my eyes!

So enough about the product,  (which I advise you all to check out on the links above) lets get on to the actual launch!

The Launch

The event launch was held at the Ministry Of Sound Club in London, which obviously is just perfectly fitting, and it was just a fabulous night!!

We arrived shortly after 9pm and met Kelly from TomTom Social Media, who I'd been in contact with throughout the evening, who was an absolute delight, so full of energy and wanted to make sure we had a great night, which we did!

I hadn't been to the club before so I feel the need to mention that my first highlight of the place is that the female toilets are pink!! I know that sounds extreme, but I love pink, so I walked into them with a huge smile on my face, and not only that, they were huge and very clean so I was literally impressed from the get go, although lets move on from the toilets! 

I also loved the ginormous glitter ball on the ceiling too and the fact you could witness the party from a balcony type of platform upstairs too. There was an open bar, so literally what was there not to enjoy! We got a few drinks, by few I mean a lot, you know free bar and all that, (thanks guys) and literally partied the night away. After wondering around the dance floor, snapping a few pics by the backdrop, we found a little corner at the back where we could dance to our hearts content and also sit and chillax too!

So all in all it was a great night, and we stayed till the very end, so a massive thank you to TomTom and Ministry Of Sound for having us!

As the club wasn't too far from home, we took a lovely stroll afterwards heading in the direction of home looking for food, and then hopped on a passing bus for the last few minutes of the journey that took us right to our door, so everything turned out just perfect!


Here are a few pics from the night, apologies, dark lighting and camera phones aren't always the best, but I had to include them, oh and at the end, I found the perfect selfie light from the roadworks at Elephant and Castle, so one had to stop for a moment of selfie taking to complete the night!


Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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