5 Frandom Tips (Fabulously Random)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hey Dollettes!

So this post is literally going to consist of five fabulously random mini tips that I've picked up along the way!

You may already know them, but I think it's nice to share tips and advice as sometimes, just sometimes you may learn something new!!

This is part one, and every time I come up with 5, big or small tips and tricks, I will create a post on them.

So lets get started on this segment of my Frandom Tips Series...

1) Leave your make up wipes upside down at all times - This allows the wipes at the top to stay moist every time you use one! We've all been there when a wipe is dry, and trying to get your make up off just ain't pretty!

2) When your mascara starts to dry out, just add a couple of eye drops, and voila! Brand new again!

3) Use dry shampoo for instant volume - My fave is Batiste XXL Volume for more Va Va Voom!

4) If you're a massive moisturiser fan, but in a rush, dab Johnson's Baby Oil all over your skin when you jump out the shower, or another amazing option which I use daily is Nivea In Shower Moisturiser... AMAZING! (I will do a full post on this & I've also featured it in many YouTube Videos).

5) If you wear acrylic or gel false nails and you haven't got time to make your next appointment just yet, gently file the grown out acrylic/gel so it blends down to the natural nail, and you'll have a smooth finish when you apply polish, keeping you going until you can make that next appointment!

Hope you find some of these quick tips beneficial, obviously they won't apply to everyone, but I was chuffed when I first learned these tips, so hopefully I can pass on that same feeling!

Let me know if you try any?

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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