When Will You Be Putting Up Your Christmas Tree?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Eeek it's like the 24th November, which means it is like 1 month till Christmas!

My partner won't let me put up the tree until the first Sunday in December, which I believe is the 7th,  but I'm like no way, we'll be taking them down as soon as we've put them up, so I've said to myself today, if I tidy up properly, I can put the tree up before he comes home!

The reason behind me wanting to have the tree up for longer is that last year our flat was so tiny that we couldn't even put our miniature tree up at all! We had a glittery 10cm tree that I got from a job I'd done (thank you, much appreciated) that made its way onto the mantle piece, and by mantle piece I mean shelf, and that was as far as our decor went, it was pretty depressing!! So this year that Christmas tree is coming out.... and now! Although I have a massive feeling when I open the box, the decoration is going to be missing & its just going to be my pretty pink tree!

So my POA for today is to rearrange the flat, which is probably going to be quite stressful as 1, I'm pretty unorganised, the amount if times throughout my entire life that I've started tidying and then left it worse off than when I began, and 2, we moved in two months ago & we still don't have enough storage space, so I either need to be brutal and chuck out as much stuff as possible, or work out a way of storing it, as currently there are like 3 ikea size bags full by the back door!

I feel that although I've only been here two months, I've deffinately noticed a change in myself. When we moved in I brought little Barbie's with me (and obviously lots more junk), and although my love for them will never change, I'm ready to remove them today and try and make some of my decor more mature, I'd love to have a theme going through our flat. I even asked Fran if I could get rid of the 'Me to You' Bears, but I think that slightly offended him lol!

Some of my lil Barbie's - RIP xx

Still debating whether I can let go of the normally sized Barbie!

Also along my 'maturity' route, I have ordered myself a dressing table!! A nice white one, with a few draws, a mirror and matching stool! I can't wait for it to arrive and get it set up!

I just want to feel all homely! I spend a lot of time here as I'm freelance, self employed, unemployed, whatever you want to call it ;) I'm going with living life exactly how I want to, and it's one of the best decisions I've made so far! So while I'm at home I want to feel relaxed and happy, as although yes I do love a day off, but my day off still consists of job hunting, sending invoices, worrying where the next job is going to come from, so if the look of my home can ease a little of the stress, then I'd like to do that as much as possible, as anyone else in this industry will know, in January and February me and my home will be spending a lot of time together (never mentally prepared for this period)!

Anywhos! So im going to post this post now! And if I do get my tree up, I will either add to this, or if I get some more Christmas decor I will create another post on it!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoy planning your Christmas and putting up the tree!

If anyone knows of any good Christmas Markets in London, please let me know!  I was filming in The Tate Modern last night and it was overlooking some Christmas festivities, and I so wanted to join in!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

P.S. So yayyy I had a massive move around, and the tree is up! I decided to add a few extras, and there is a tennis keyring, two Ugg boots,  1 black and 1 tan, a Santa stress ball,  'C' keyring, and an owl and a turtle teddy! Tad cheesy, but me loves it, finally finishing it off with a large bright pink bow.... Obvz!


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