Thursday, November 06, 2014

Yayyy another one scratched off my 2014 bucket list! Number 47.... This year I celebrated Halloween, and not only that,  I also carved my first pumpkin! I deffinately had the best Halloween, and I got to spend it with my loved ones, even if we did celebrate on completely the wrong days.

Halloween was on a friday, and it was my Grandma's last evening before she headed back to Spain the next morning,  so we spent that evening with a Chinese takeaway! Yes not very Halloweeny but I loved it nonetheless, we also had my cousins around so that made  it extra special too, while enjoying watching Mum answer the door to the trick or treaters, and eating all the leftover sweets once she brought her pumpkin back inside.

Okay I spent most of saturday in bed as my allergies were playing up so I didn't want to open my eyes, and to make matters worse, I left my glasses back in London and couldn't stick my lenses in straight away as my eyes were just puffballs! I deffo didn't need a Halloween costume during the day thats for sure! Anywho I'm glad that at around 8pm after a glass of wine I decided to get ready and make an effort!  After 9 we headed to the Halloween party at The Fiddlers Elbow, and lets say we were well underdressed with our headbands & matching coloured dresses to our themes (cat & pumpkin), as oh my everyone made a cracking effort! It was a real pleasure to witness all these spooky & entertaining costumes! Wellingborough & The Fiddlers, you did us proud! Sorry my pictures underestimate the effort made by everyone that night!

Luckily Sunday I wasn't hungover as I got to finally do what my initial plan was for celebrating Halloween..... CARVE A PUMPKIN YAYYYY!

So Francisco (the bf) annoyingly had to make this into a competition and he'd been harping on about it the last couple weeks, so guess what... let the battle commence! Okay I know Halloween is supposed to be all creeping and gory, but with me being way too feminine, I had to go for something cute obviously!  I started my hunt through loads of Disney pumpkins & fell in love with someone's version of the Fairytale Castle & a version of Frozens Olaf.... then it hit me, okay worse, it broke my heart! I've never ever carved a pumpkin,  there was no way I was pulling off these designs. I then stumbled across a Mickey Mouse, and the fight was on! Francisco on the other hand took his inspiration from a pumpkin that was in a picture with Eminem....

We had previously purchased some carving tools from Sainsbury's for £1.50 which were just perfect for bringing our designs to life, although slightly fragile after we created our masterpieces, so thankfully my mum purchased a £2.99 pack in the half price sale, (now £1.50 you know cause by sunday Halloween was clearly over) which are now in the cupboard ready for next year, this pack had two of every tool & a stencil pack of designs too! Gotta love a bit of Aldi - thanks for the bargain!

I actually had the best time carving my pumpkin, I started by carving off the top, and surprisingly even enjoyed scraping out all the insides! I then drew my Mickey, although slightly misshapen as I didn't have a stencil, and I also wrongly carved from the outside inwards, rather than the other way, but this was all a learning curve for me, and quite frankly I'm actually really happy with the outcome & I may, just may, have slightly fell in love with my Mickey pumpkin!!

Woop go me!

Here's a few pic collages of the pumpkin process, and in the pictures of all three pumpkins, my Mum's is on the left, & Fran's on the right!

To be honest I was actually impressed with all three of our pumpkins, as both Mum & Fran's were carved extremely neatly... but I deffo went for the trickier design right...!?

Can we say     Chanelle 1   Francisco 0     ????? ;)

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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