Tower of London - Poppies at the Tower 11.11.14

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red...

It is estimated that around 5 million people have visited The Tower of London to see the Poppy installation over summer, which started on the 5th August, with the final poppy being placed today 11th November 2014 (alhough I believe there is still talk of extending the dates, due to it's popularity)

Well I'm extremely thankful that I got to be a part of those 5 million, and made my visit on this very special day of November 11th 2014 marking 100 years of remembrance, and although I couldn't see the final poppy being planted, I got to witness the atmosphere, which is something like never before.

Today London came together as one! At 10.30am The first gun signal & closing roll of honour, 10.50 the final ceremonial poppy was planted by 13 year old army cadet Harry Hayes, and just before 11am a bugler sounded the Last Post and the thousands at The Tower of London, and the millions across the nation took part in the two minutes silence to honour the fallen soldiers.

Today has made me realise how much appreciation I really do owe to the people who have fought, so we can live in this county and have the lifestyle we do, and I don't believe that has ever fully hit me until today. It was a pleasure to pay my respects to the 888,246 people who have given their lives for Great Britain, it's beyond inspirational, and thank you to the people behind creating this installation so we can all come together and remember the fallen and be thankful.

I managed to film a minute video leading up to the silence, a few claps afterwards, and a video of the poppies & numerous photos. I really do love you London for what you have to offer, and I appreciate every day here more & more.

Ready for a day of respect, trying to rock a sophisticated hairstyle with natural make up!

Meeting a lovely stranger sharing his appreciation for what London has to offer :) he was living in Sydney.

The crowds after the silence, a lot left which meant we got a chance to get closer to the poppies.

Where we stood for our two minutes silence.

The Sea of Poppies.

Selfie with Olivia & The Poppies.

I actually have a small vase of poppies in my flat (decor was there when we moved in) and I will definitely be looking at them differently now and will genuinely appreciate the value of a poppy!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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