100 Happy Days

Sunday, August 24, 2014

64 on the 2014 bucket list - participate in the 100 Happy Days Challenge!

Can you be happy 100 days in a row.....!?

Okay so this challenge became popular in 2014, I believe founded by Dmitry Golubnichy from Ukraine, who at 27 years old told www.today.com he 'fell into a trap if sadness' not appreciating the finer moments in his life, then prompting him to start the 100 Happy Days Challenge, this consists of finding a moment each day, whether big or small that makes you happy & capturing that moment. He started his challenge in October 2013 with the #100happydays on his instagram account @dimochkino straight away this caught on & became the new phenomenon for social networks this year! Golubnichy also created the website www.100happydays.com

So April 14th I started to think about this challenge, and my initial thoughts were that I'd be over the moon if I made it to 15 days as I really couldnt imagine keeping up with this "happiness" but luckily my good friend Tunde was there to prompt me on my way. Well let's just say I failed the first day!! I posted a tweet about my happy moment, forgetting to include an image, so I decided I was to start the challenge the next day, April 15th 2014...

My first day was having a starbucks, paid for by Santander (after being reimbursed £3 for them overcharging me the year before) and my name being spelt correctly,  nothing major but a nice moment that brought me happiness. Others consisted of days off, new make up, Barbie, time with special ones, many coffee dates, food, loving London, days on set, the seaside (Brighton), more coffee dates, even appreciating having days off while poorly, posing, drinks, random jobs, and again more posing....

So yes this shows that I don't have the most exciting life and some of them were quite boring, but it was finding that moment, even if I'd had a pretty rubbish day, to appreciate something that was good about my life, and honestly maybe this challenge is what's made me aware of it, but I do have a pretty good life, I have the BEST family, a caring partner, good friends, yes my career is a challenge, but can offer many rewards, so I really wouldnt ask for a different life, I love the struggles, as they make you value the precious moments, no matter what they are.

So please take up this challenge, its honestly actually FUN!

Another great thing it's useful for is like being a mini diary, and you can check back on what you've been up to the last 100 days!

Heres the snaps of my challenge....

Muchos Love

Chanelle SP

@MissChanelleSP xo

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