Nivea Creme Queen

Friday, February 21, 2014

My best friend is my moisturiser and I wouldn't quite know how to cope without it!

I've moisturised ever since the day I was old enough to look after myself as I can't stand that dry itchy feeling. My ultimate favourite cream is the original Blue Tub Nivea!! I'm addicted to it!

The reason I love this product is because the cream is so thick, that I feel once applied, it actually does the job of moisturising my skin and I can really feel it. A 200ml tub of Nivea cream lasts me approximately 2 weeks as I deffinately overindulge as I love knowing that I've given my skin the TLC it needs. I've even got my boyfriend into it, only as far as moisturising his face though, but that's a big step for mankind (in his world anyway).

Nivea averagely retails at around £3.39 per 200ml tub, so I always buy it in bulk anytime there's an offer on as I know I'm going to get through it in no time!

The hand creams go down a treat too, as they last a while and actually leave my hands feeling soft, and it pops so easily into my hand bag. I use the Nivea, Smooth Nourishing with Hydra IQ for anti-dryness 100ml.

The white bottle Nivea lotion I use just whenever I feel like I want to top up a bit of moisture, so usually in the evenings as it spreads on in seconds and isn't sticky so it's easy to hop into bed straight afterwards. This is extra rich moisturising, enriched for dry skin 250ml.

So yes my everyday essential is blue tub Nivea as it gives my skin the essential hydration that it needs to combat the day.

Here is my current Nivea collection!!

Kisses xo

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