My 2014 - 100 Bucket List

Monday, August 18, 2014

People create bucket lists for their life and what they want to achieve or experience, and then you have the 100 things to do before you die, top places to dine at, or spa weekends etc etc. So I've decided to do one for my life in 2014. Now this is not all about crazy experiences, it's literally about everything, so maybe where I'd like to visit, or items I want to buy (big or small), literally just random things, so some are easily achievable as I've got to be able to scratch some things off my list!

My plan is throughout the year to be ticking numbers off my list and if your lucky, blogging about them too!

Anyways enjoy, if you manage to read through all of them without getting bored!

So here's to 2014 !! Let's see what's marked off by 2015 (which is crazily now only 9 months away!) (NOW WHICH IS ONLY 7 MONTHS AWAY AS I STARTED WRITING THIS IN MARCH & IT'S NOW MAY WHEN I'M RELEASING IT!!) ..... ITS NOW AUGUST LOL!

1. Ultimately have my dream job! Not going to state exactly what it is, but all who know me well know what my current dream job is!

2. Buy an eos balm.

3. Go to Disneyland Paris - Thinking maybe for the November fireworks as summer would be way too busy!

4. Create a memory jar of 2014.

5. Get my lips re-filled.

6. Appreciate my natural hair length - To go the whole year without wearing attached (weaves or bonds) extensions & only wear my clip-ins when needed! - Okay I've broke this, I wore weave for around 3 weeks, then saw the light!!

7. Feel confident without false lashes.

8. Create a blog.

9. Try to blog at least once a week.

10. Try to complete Vicky Pattinson's work out dvd to the fullest to get results.

11. Try and visit my Mummy more - I'm in London and she is not, the journey isn't long as she's not too far North of London, but the cost of trains are sadly highly priced so can't afford to visit as much as I'd love to, but we do speak daily :) I've literally been going loads now, as I can be quite flexible with my timings, midday or late at night have the best deals!

12. Floss my teeth... get into the habit of doing it as often as possible/needed.

13. Get my glasses perscription up to date - I always have my contact lenses to match my perscription, but my glasses have not been increased in possibly around 8 years!! If I leave the house in them, I cannot see!

14. Read positive/ inspirational/ motivational quotes.

15. Experiment in different hairstyles - including using hair pieces like flowers & bows.

16. Do not buy anymore foundations in 2014 - I currently have 5, that should last me! - I broke this too, but I love my illamasqua foundation!

17. Try and attend the odd ballet/ dance/ zumba class (what i can afford) to regain strength,  stamina & get back some basic dance ability.

18. Let things go! - I really need to get over some things quicker.

19. Aim to brush my teeth every night, not just every morning and the odd night!

20. Do a massage or spa package from groupon, wowcher or some discounted place - I've done it before and you get such good value for your money.

21. Do a floatation session - looks relaxing, I'd love to know if it actually is!

22. So july the lease is up on our studio, so I would love for us to find somewhere where the kitchen isn't in the bedroom!

23. Watch less television - on my days off I don't switch on the tele anymore in the daytime, and then after a couple of months of not watching it I treated myself to a bit of daytime tele and it was a nice luxury.

24.  But on the other hand, watch the news more - I'm not fully aware of what's going on in the world, which isn't too handy.

25. Bake a cake, or cookies or muffins! Any form of baking will do.

26. Buy a new board game and play it - fun time without technology really means a lot to me.

27. Learn how to make pancakes like my mothers - pancake day is tomorrow,  meaning I have a matter of hours to learn. Bless mum did send me a 'How To' pancake email this morning.

28. Have my average weight as 8 stone give or take a few pounds, rather than being between 8 and a half & 9 lol.

29. Clear out facebook - whether that means deleting people I don't know or starting from scratch again, or maybe deleting it altogether!  Ha we'll see.

30. Sleep in a tent, or go glamping! :D

31. Go to The London Dungeons - I've been before I think 7 years ago and I loved it, so I deffinately want to go back.

32. Experience The London Eye.

33. Watch Charlie and the chocolate factory at the West End.

34. Try and do more coffee dates - This is now happening, my bank balance tells me I'm enjoying one too many lunch dates!

35. Stop 'completely' wasting my days off - limit it to a couple of hours max.

36. Decorate my nails more - with colours and gems, also try and keep my natural nails. My nails are in such a state from wearing acrylic nails for so long that I really want to rest them. - I've also started shellac, so I just need to get more colours now.

37. Do a Juice Diet.

38. Drink more water! Yay I've purchased a Water Bobble & it's fab, I'm deffinately drinking more water.

39. Read a book, even if its an autobiography.

40. Go to the Professional Beauty show at the Excel.

41. Go sightseeing in London and actually take in the view rather than constantly rushing around to get places. London has so much to offer, I really want to appreciate all if it.

42. Skype the family more.

43. Upgrade my phone - Woop upgraded to the iPhone 5s in gold, with a whopping 5GB of data!! - Then the screen smashed & now it's replaced it doesn't have full sensitivity, typical!

44. Buy a Samsung tablet. - Although it's actually quite slow,  I'm unimpressed.

45. Take long walks in summer - Summers now over, I'm not sure if this happened!

46. Wear more heels! - Deffo doing this more, it hurts & feels good all at the same time!

47. Celebrate Halloween - even if only carving a pumpkin - Okay I've found out I'm working on Halloween, but we can still make this work!

48. Keep on top my diary - today 03/03/14 opened my diary and realised I last wrote in it on 03/02/14 a whole month! - Tut it's now May 1st & I don't even know where it is! 18/08/14 & I'm deffo better at this now.

49. Buy a glitzy phone case for my upgrade. Which I did & then 3 days later my screen got smashed & the case cut my hand so it's now in the bin! Buttt a touch of sparkle case is on its way :)

50. Laugh more - loosen up a little!

51. Once a month have a few glasses of wine and get tipsy while watching television with the partner - Okay so I actually do this with Blue WKD not wine ha!!

52. Network more - I find it a big effort, but its always good to know the right people ;)

53. Learn more about history and inspirational people who have fought for good causes - Ooo I learnt a bit about the Queen & all the counties she's attached to, & that Bill Gates owns Microsoft,  & was never a President!

54. Get over the fact I'm turning 25... I still look 16!!! - Oh & now I'm 25 & 1.5 months old! - Now not too far off 26!

55. Get my horse hoof charm put back on my Tiffany bracelet.

56. Try international food - I've been having a lot of Thai food this year which I'm loving, but I also ate at SAMA the Asian Kitchen which was actually really tasty,  although I still couldn't hack the spice (which has now shut down which is a shame)

57. Enter all competitions - even though I NEVER win!

58. WIN a competition!! - I did!!! I won an Avon lipstick since starting this blog post! - OMG & I won real Ugg boots from Ugg!!!

59. Use old make up before wasting money on new products that do the same thing.

60. Eat more fruit.

61. Go to the Olympia beauty show - Which I did, & only purchased nail polishes as I felt there weren't much on offer.

62. Perform in a play. I performed at The Brighton Fringe festival

63. Go to a fair - was just a small one, but was great going on all the rides at Clapham Common funfair!

64. Complete the 100 Happy Days photo challenge - currently I'm on day 16, hopefully today will be posting this blog post! Now on day 85 and still haven't posted this blog! I did it! ! I got to day 100!

65. Learn how to do a half decent bouncy blowdry - Okay it's not necessarily bouncy as I think I put too many heavy products in my hair, buttt I found the perect blow dry brush

66. Chillax on my obsession with chocolate and sweets! - Okay it hadn't happened, but now it's November & my teeth are really suffering,  so I might almost be accepting that this has to happen.

67. Spend a day by the seaside - closest being Brighton or Southend on Sea. Spent 8 hours getting sunburnt on Brighton beach, but now loving my tan!

68. Get on these Shellac nails - someone I know purchases it off Ebay & also the LED dryer, sorted! - I'm on it, as said previously I just need to build on my collection. - Although now L'oreal do a fabulous gel effect collection - Infallible Nails.

69. Get back on Spotlight - The Actors directory!

70. Keep up with stretches & sit ups!

71. Watch as many films as possible, including all genres - Cartoons HD is officially the best app! - Cartoons HD is now closed! EMOSH! - IT'S BACK! Well some films are anyway.

72. Watch the fireworks on The Thames at New Year 2015 - unless I'm fortunate enough to celebrate in another country! - Okay apparently they now charge which is annoying,  and no I'm not spending it in a different country,  although I will be travelling to Spain the week after though! I would now like to spend New Years in a hotel with a spa :)

73. If we are lucky enough to have kitchen space in the next apartment, I would love to learn to cook!!

74. Find a good (reasonably priced) product to lighten the dark circles under my eyes - any advice please give. - Well I love my new Mac concealer,  that does the trick, also purchased an Illamasqua concealer,  so looking forward to trying that too.

75. Go to church - even just once, just to say thank you! Life is stressful yes, but honestly at the end of the day, I am thankful for everything... Every challenge is an experience. - I really need to now, after what we experienced,  my family is very thankful for everything.

76. Have a translation book in my bag - I will learn BASIC Spanish!

77. Get some casual/smart mini boots! - I have tan, I now just need a black pair. I now have the same ones in black, I love them!

78. Get my hair cut! - Finally had my first trim in like 6 years in August! Hopefully it will grow a tad now!

79. Do a teatox - Okay I started one, but dudnt stick to it properly, so I must try again.

80. Try meal replacement shakes - I have these, again I just need to stick to it.

81. Clear out everything! - Junk, clothes, be brutal!

82. Be more fashion daring/ experimental - I'm completely trying new things now, I've purchased my first jumpsuit and I wear frilly socks with boots, and i even get my toes out now which I didn't before, I just need the body and the money to push those boundaries even further.

83. Try a bold every day lipstick - so I handed in my 6 Mac empties, and got a free lipstick, I used this moment to go for a wearable red colour - Ladybug

84. Try and be adventurous with food in the cupboard - example being I just made microwavable rice with tinned tuna & tinned sweetcorn!

85. Purchase a portable charger - the amount of times I've not had access to a plug socket & then my phones died, especially days on set, and we all know how long iPhone batteries last!

86. Go to the theatre - Okay technically I did, as I took the boy for his birthday in Jan to see the Lion King,  but we made a pact that if we didn't go on holiday this year,  which we aren't,  then we would go see Charlie and the chocolate factory,  so hoping that happens by the end of the year! - This isn't happening ! :(

87. Get an Olaf from Disney's Frozen Movie - I love my Olaf and he gives warm hugs!!

88. Get my teeth whitened -  I would ideally like them straightened too,  but that isn't happening in 2014 lol!

89. Find somewhere in my freelance price range to have acting classes - & preferably pay as you go as I cant always guarantee I'm available to attend.

90. Get new headshots - I love my headshots, but I would like some with my natural length hair, maybe even with naturally curly hair too!

91. Go swimming!  - When I move in the next few weeks, I want to find somewhere local to go swimming and relax afterwards.

92. Buy new bras that fit properly - sounds like a rubbish one but I generally need a whole new wardrobe for bras - I finally have a few more!

93. Think of and find a decent present for the boyfriend for Christmas, and then for his birthday the month after.

94. Take advantage of priority moments from O2 - including the Monday £1 lunch deals!

95. Get over 1,000 twitter followers! - I have around 75 to go! - I now have around 20 to go, but it's a struggle lolol!

96. Buy a make up clutter box - A nice transparent big one - Okay so I can scratch this off kinda, as I got a cheaper one, well basically draw separators so I do now have a kind of neat beauty draw.

97. Do Groupon/ Wowcher dates.

98. Make it Christmas in the flat in London!

99. Listen and dance around to music more - Always puts me in a good mood! - Love a bit of Capital FM!

100. TRY MY HARDEST TO GET THROUGH THIS LIST... - I have 4 months left! - Now 1.5 months, and it's clear some of these won't be getting scratched off this list.... this year anyway!!

Thanks for reading


CSP xo

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