Finally found the perfect 'BARGAIN' shampoo & conditioner

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have been on the hunt for a while now to find a great shampoo and conditioner suitable for my hair type and my scalp.

As we all know, washing our hair removes the natural oils from our scalp and im sure many people are not majorly affected by doing this, but I would always be left with the odd flake, and it wouldn't be like the typical dandruff white flake, it was more like shedding of the skin. Which is very frustrating and overly visible when you have black coloured hair!

I tried many different shampoos & conditioners, including Head & Shoulders,  which I expected to solve all my problems and may work wonders for others, but sadly none of these worked out for me in the slightest.

I was then in the shop Bodycare in Wellingborough, (these stores are normally in smaller towns) it literally breaks my heart that there is not a Bodycare in London because you can pick up great products for minimal prices, which is why I always make sure I take a trip to the shop while back visiting my home town.

Back to my point, while in Bodycare, I stumbled across a shampoo & a conditioner that caught my eye because they both contained Moroccan Argon Oil... And OMG they are brilliant!!

I haven't noticed a flake in sight! I always add a tad oil to my hair when blow drying it, which adds moisture, but beforehand I would still suffer with flakes even with the added moisture, and ive washed my hair with these products twice so far and my hair and scalp feels fab!

I didn't buy a matching brand for the shampoo and the conditioner, so I can't state which brand is the one doing the trick, but together they are working for me and I'm so, so pleased :)

The Shampoo I am using is Salon Chic Professional, Moroccan Argon Oil Shampoo, I purchased it from Bodycare for £1.99. It can also be purchased through the companies site, prices from £6.76 for 250ml.

The conditioner is Creightons, Argon Smooth, Deep Moisture Conditioner costing only 99p again from Bodycare, but can also be purchased from, for £1.99 for 250ml.

Both products are to be applied in the usual way by applying to wet hair and smoothing through to the ends and then rinsing with water. With these items being such a bargain from Bodycare, I don't feel any guilt whatsoever in using a generous amount of conditioner on my hair as it feels so soft, and leaves my hair feeling smooth and shiny.

And ultimately flake free!!! I'm so glad I've found the perfect product and can enjoy washing my hair again!

Kisses Chanelle xo

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  1. Looking forward to using my Argon Smooth, Deep Moisture Conditioner next week under my Steamer, will let you know the results. :)

  2. Aw amazing oh yes you have it too! Let me know, you should love it too hopefully xo


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