Message In A Bottle

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Time can fly by so fast, and the fact that we're already in the middle of February 2014 is proof of that! Thoughts, moments and emotions can slip by so quickly that once they've passed we don't get to relish that moment or even revert back to a low moment to really know how far we've come.

My mum at the start of 2013 decorated a jar and filled it up with little memos throughout the year and opened it at the start of 2014. This really inspired me as a lot changed in her life in 2013 and I'm so pleased she created a memory jar of that year.

I told her that I wanted to do one for 2014, and being the superstar that she is, she found me a gorgeous, perfect, already decorated jar in the ex Christmas display sale at QD Stores, costing only 99p, she also purchased a few smaller ones for 50p to place in different rooms in her new home, adding a small flower into each one for adorable, affordable decoration.

I love my jar, it comes with a red/white gingham ribbon tied in a bow around the neck, and a sweet red wooden heart.

I always write in my diary, but this is super special as you put in those significant memories, I plan to fill mine not only with the happy memories, but times when I'm feeling down or emotional, so when I come out (hopefully) the other end, I can look back and realise it really wasn't that bad, & hopefully laugh about it, or most importantly learn about how I overcome any of those situations and be glad and thankful for everything I do or learn from to make me a better person.

I've wrote a few memos in there already, but knowing how quick this year will go, I'll be opening it in no time (01/01/15 - sounds scary) and cherishing the memory of 2014 and hopefully will have lots to look back on... We shall have to see!?

I also added in some red (fake) rose petals that the boyfriend brought home with him for Valentines, mixed in with the paper messages to make my memory jar even cooler!!

I advise everyone (obviously if ya want to) to do one of these as it's just a great personal thing to look back on and reflect.

Kisses xo

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