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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Good Morning Lovelies,

Happy Wednesday, It's mid week, so we are almost approaching that Friday feeling, woop! Although I'm working Saturday, so seriously, no Friday feeling for me, so moving on swiftly!

I just thought I'd share with you this morning one of my holy grail products, that has been for quite a few months now.

My Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream, okay so it is a tad on the pricey side, retailing at £26 from the Elizabeth Arden site, however I managed to pick mine up from the Superdrug website, for less than half price at the time, and for only £12, but either way, it's truly worth the value.

It's a skin protectant, repairing cream, so works for dry skin, burns and chapped lips to name just a few uses, I mainly use it for my lips, the texture is thick and jelly like, so a little goes a long way, and this tube has lasted me a long time, considering I use it every day. I do suffer with sensitive skin, so sometimes the bottom of my cheekbones, below the eyes can get quite sore and tender, so I pop on a bit of Eight Hour Cream overnight, and allow it to work its magic, which it literally does as the sensitivity has usually gone by the next morning. My friend even used it on a burn, and within minutes, she had noted that the product was soothing her skin and reducing the inflammation.

Other uses suggested on the tube are that you can use it to shape brows, moisturise dry hands and cuticles, it's good for scrapes and abrasions, windburn as well as sunburn and other minor burns, and also to revitalise shine.

Like I previously mentioned, I use it mainly to moisturise my lips, and actually use it like it's a lipgloss, and others have said the same, but Elizabeth Arden actually do an Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm, but yet for some reason, I and others want to use The original Eight Hour Cream!? Strange, have any of you tried the lip balm? Please let me know your thoughts.

Another thing I noticed while scrolling through the site is that they now do the same Eight Hour Cream, but fragrance free....

In my opinion, the smell is literally the best part!!! Does anyone else agree? It just smells so medical, like the scent makes me believe this product is good for you before even trying it, and I remember me and a friend describing the scent, and literally at the same time, we both said, it just smells so medical, which it does! That is the only way I can describe it, but I think the fragrance is amazing, so I'd love to know if the fragrance free literally smells of nothing, or just doesn't have that 'medical' smell, that I can't seem to describe with any other word!

The packaging is nice and simple, a smooth, slim tube, but with the silver rim, and frosted lid, with subtle hints of red all over, it just makes it that little more high end, and 'special' looking! The material is quite thick, so it doesn't get dented or lose it's shape while squeezing out the product, I genuinely don't have a bad word to say about it.

I remember the first time I came across this product, a make up artist used it on my lips as a neutral coloured gloss, and instantly my nose was attracted to the smell of it, which made me query the product and start reading the information on the tube, I literally remember freaking out because when I initially read it was a cream, I was thinking why has this woman put this on my lips, thats just odd, but I'm actually so thankful because I instantly fell in love, (minus that brief moment of finding out it was a cream) so when I noticed it on offer on the Superdrug site, I was over the moon, and haven't looked back since!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my opinion on Elizabeth Arden, The Original Eight Hour Cream, please let me know if you've tried any other products from this range, as I'd love to know if they have the same amazing effect that this one does?

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP,

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