Rimmel London - Kate Moss Lipstick in association with Red Nose Day

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Okay yes Red Nose Day was a few weeks back, and impressively made a whopping £78,082,988 making its grand total since forming back in 1985, £1,047,083,706 ..... That's over one billion pound!!! Impressive right!?

Loads of different companies got involved with this, finding ways to support and Rimmel was one of them, so it was the perfect excuse for me to purchase this 'Red Nose Red' lippy as £1.67 of the £5.49 retail price goes to Comic Relief, killing two birds with one stone, charity and beauty!

So here's a few pics of the lipstick, it glides on effortlessly, feeling soft and smooth, and the colour is vibrant and long lasting.

* Annoyingly these photos aren't filtered as I wanted you guys to see the actual colour so one is not at her best ;) *

You can find out more about Red Nose Day on the official site HERE.

And you can check out other Rimmel products HERE.

Please let me know your fave Rimmel lip products as I really want to try a deeper red next time!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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