The legendary GHD Curve Curling Iron

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

If you guys that read my blog watch my Youtube channel as well, you would have seen that a few days ago I posted a video reviewing my new GHD Curve...

I am in love with my Curve curler, but really wanted to put it to the test.

In the Youtube video my hair was washed a few days before, and because I'm mixed race and have naturally curly hair, I've got quite a few moisturising products in my hair that removes any frizz, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wash my hair and use minimal product to really see the effects of GHD stylers.

I for one have always been a fan of my GHD straighteners, and they have done nothing but wonders for my hair, so when GHD brought out a curler range, I needed to get my hands on it as I had nothing but high hopes...

And the GHD Curve did not disappoint! I opted for the 32mm barrel as I prefer a looser curl, and just really wanted a wave finish to my hair.

The curling tong heats to 185 degrees celcius which is a great temperature as it's strong enough for a nice curl and hold, but doesn't overheat the hair with its tri-zone technology. The curler also has ceramic coating meaning it's designed for smoother curling, and i can definitely agree my curls feel soft and smooth as!!

Anyway so lets cut to the chase, here are some pictures of my hair after washing it, like I previously said, usually I would add lots of oils and moisture to my hair, but I wanted to see if the GHD Curve could finish off my style without using all the usual products, so I sprayed in some heat protecter spray and used some miracle illuminator heat defence.

And here are my results...

So this is a section of my hair before blow drying it...

After the blow dry, starting to look dry and frizzy because of the lack of products in the hair that are catered to my hair type...

After straightening with a GHD styler, the results are amazing for what little product is in my hair to support this process...

And after applying my GHD Curve to my hair, this literally seals the ends of my hair and gives the finished look a soft feminine feel...

The final result...

I am actually so pleased to be able to create a soft bouncy hairstyle, I've not overly been able to do the bouncy blow dry, because my hair never looks good the first day it's washed and I can't just blow dry it, my hair needs some form of hot iron if I am not leaving it in it's natural state (curly), but thanks to this Curve 32mm barrel I can finally achieve those results!!

You can shop the GHD range HERE.

Also check out my video of the first time I used my GHD Curve...

You can also check out my Youtube channel HERE, and please feel free to subscribe ;)

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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