Why I Can't Live Without These Mac Cosmetics Makeup Essentials

Friday, March 04, 2016

Happy FriYAY you gorgeous people!

It's the weekend, and I'm out for a few with the girlies tonight, so I felt I needed to share with you guys, some of the Mac Cosmetics makeup products I cannot live without!

My Mac Essentials

So for foundation I use the Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15, this is a buildable medium to full coverage foundation with a satin finish, I use this one because I do suffer with dry skin, so a dewy foundation is always better for me, I use the shade NC40.

I have the Mac Prep & Prime Fix + Finishing Mist, this scent is Lavender and it smells divine, however it was sadly limited edition, so it's currently unavailable. I use this to set my face once all my make up is done, however I can also use it to dampen my beauty sponge, to blend my foundation and concealer. 

I use the Mac Pro Longer Concealer in the shade NC30 for my under eyes, this has buildable coverage which is great as I suffer with dark circles, and I also use one a few shades lighter as this gives me a highlighted effect as I blend it out above the cheek bones.

Moving on to Powders... 

 So to set my foundation, I use the Mac Studio Fix Powder + Foundation, this is in the shade NC43. This powder has full coverage and leaves me with a smooth velvety finish, and covers and blends any imperfections, leaving me looking matte, but not dry or cakey. 

For contour I actually use a blush, this is the Mac Powder Blush, in the shade Format, and this is a frost finish blush. I think it's the perfect colour for contour as it's not too warm or too cool. I apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, my forehead/temple area and my jaw line, and sometimes I add a tiny bit to the sides of my nose, but I really don't need to as my nose is quite thin anyway, and then I'll blend it out with the powder used above.

For years I've been applying my blush before applying highlight, whereas now I sometimes switch it up, but a current fave blush of mine is the Mac Mineralize Blush, in the shade Dainty. This is a baked blush, so it does have an ever so slight shimmer effect to it, and they do say if you use a shimmer highlight, you should go for a matte blush, but life is too short to follow the rules, and I love a bit of sparkle! My contour is matte, and if I use a bronzer, it's a matte shade, so all is good in my opinion! If I do apply a bronzer I'll use it after I've applied the contour, then go in with my highlight, and then sweep my blush over the top.

So this has been a favourite highlighter of mine literally since I was introduced to the craze of highlighting! It's soooo beautiful! This is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in the shade Global Glow. Now this is actually a powder that you can either gently dust all over the skin, or just use it to add highlights to the high points of your face. Now I must admit I've never tried it all over the face, but it's definitely something I might try and experiment with in the Summer months. This colour is just perfect for me, as I'm Mixed Race I already have tanned, warm skin, so adding this golden shimmer to the top of my cheekbones just compliments my complexion. I'd love to try the lighter shades, like Soft and Gentle, or really pushing the boat out and trying Lightscapade for a more pink/beige highlight, but I've always stuck to the warm highlight because I know it works with my skin tone.

Please let me know if you've used the lighter coloured highlights, and how they work for you? 

So recently I picked up this powder, as I've been obsessed with the other Mineralize products, so I just felt I had to try this one and see how it turns out...

Well turns out, I love it! This is the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, I went for the shade Medium Tan, which is probably ever so slightly a tad dark for me, but I've just been on holiday so it's kind of okay! This is supposed to be a light coverage, but I'm not going to lie, I clearly apply loads, and top it up throughout the day, and it is definitely full coverage on me! Maybe that's why it feels a bit darker on the skin than it looks because I apply so much, but nonetheless I love it, and I'm so glad I picked it up!

So a final favourite of mine that I felt I needed to add in, is this Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot. So I initially went into the Mac store looking for this in the shade Painterly, as I actually wanted to use it as an eyeshadow base, or wear it alone to just smooth over my eyelids, however I was overwhelmed by all the colours, and came out with a completely different colour and finish. So this shade is called Chilled On Ice, and it's a lovely pearlescent colour, and is described as a 'frosted white gold'. This colour looks beautiful on its own, but actually when it's used as an eyeshadow base, it literally makes any colour I use over the top of it pop like crazy, which is just perfect! So I'm glad I walked out with this one, however I do still need to go back and pick up the shade Painterly!

I hope you found this post useful and enjoyed finding out some of my essential makeup products! My friend the other day was like what is your favourite makeup brand, and at first I couldn't answer because I like so many products from different brands, but I shortly came to the realisation that my core products that I cannot live without are pretty much all from Mac Cosmetics, so in honour of that thought I had to finally create this blogpost, so I could let you all know my love of Mac!

I know Mac isn't the most inexpensive brand, but I do however have a Mac Pro card because of my job, so I do get myself a wee little discount, so it all adds up in the long run and works out quite reasonable, plus I've been so happy with the quality of the products I've used, that I don't mind spending that little extra :)

Anyway guys, please let me know some of your key makeup pieces, and I'll speak to you soon <3

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