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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hello Beauties and Happy 'Almost The Weekend' Thursday! YAY!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my fave Body Butters, if you know me well, or have watched my YouTube channel, you'll know I'm a moisturising cream addict, literally in my monthly favourites, it would be all I'd talk about, so I thought I'd spend today sharing my love of The Body Shop's Body Butters!

My skin gets so dry, especially in the Winter months, and this moisturiser just gives me life! The texture is so soft, but at the same time so rich, that my skin feels like it's smothered in Heaven! It's not too thick that it's greasy, but the consistency is just enough to last on your body all day, or throughout the night, giving you endless hydration, and the scent is beautiful too. The product feels so nice on the skin, and this has been my firm favourite for well over a year now, and uses Community Fair Trade Argon Oil from Morocco.

The texture is very glossy and moisturising, but again, not greasy. The scent is so pretty, but not too strong, I actually find it really relaxing, and I believe this was one of the first Body Butters I ever tried, so it reminds me of the past, and the smell makes me feel homely! This cream uses Community Fair Trade Shea butter from Ghana. The Body Butter lasts all day, leaving me feeling soft and hydrated, and very luxurious.

Now this Body Butter excites me so much, that it literally makes me tingle inside... seriously! The scent is do die for! It is so refreshing and stunning and bright, I love everything about it! My lovely partner last year, surprised me with the whole Virgin Mojito range (that's another blogpost to come, once I get my bum in gear!) and I adored every product in the selection, even the ice bucket was a delightful addition to the range, which looks lovely in my kitchen! However back to the body butter, so this one is aimed for normal skin, so it is still very moisturising, but it is a lighter texture, which is perfect for the summer months, but if I have any form of suntan, my skin does go quite dry, so I still like to use my 'all year round' (for me anyway) Body Butters above, and then top this up throughout the day to freshen up. It isn't necesserily needed that often, but the scent makes me feel so summery and exotic, that I would apply it just to get that 'feel good' burst of emotion! This butter contains lime and mint extracts from the Caribbean, and it literally is a holiday in a tub!

So I'm always browsing through The Body Shop website, thinking what can I try this time, as they've never let me down. I can't believe I only started purchasing from them about a year and a half ago, literally my Grandma was like I need to go to The Body Shop, I need this from The Body Shop, so I was like I need to try me some of this 'The Body Shop' hype, so months on and let's say I haven't turned back and it's one of my favourite stores, thanks Granny! However this online shop, I came across this Hemp range, and I was reading all the reviews and people were saying that the cracked/dry skin on their legs disappeared within days etc, and fortunately my legs aren't that dry, but they do get dry, so obvz I was like I need to try some of this 'Hemp' dream cream, so in the basket it went... And guess what, I'm a fan!

The product is extremely moisturising, although the cream is not too thick, it does however have the strongest medical smell! I mean maybe that's the Hemp, I don't know what hemp is, but it could be that, but for me I actually find the scent a good thing, I feel like I've purchased it from my GP, does that make any sense!? Like it feels like medicine, even my dog, when I first swatched a little patch on my arm, was smelling it with me! So this cream I do advise for night time use, which is also great because your body can soak it up and relax over night, and if I use it in the day, I'll only use it on my legs if I'm wearing jeans, so hopefully the scent doesn't seep through! But again guys it's not a bad smell at all, it's just not perfume worthy, like the way I feel about the Virgin Mojito scent! Another great product that I love using in my night time routine, and in the morning it's still there, it hasn't soaked in and disappeared, it's still moisturising and protecting the skin. The Hemp seed oil is from England, and the shea and cocoa butter are from Ghana. 

This again, is another lovely scented product, which I'm pretty sure is the case for every item going in The Body Shop, now annoyingly I'm useless at describing scents, so I cannot describe it to you whatsoever, but..... It's nice!! Sorry guys, literally got no descriptive words at all, welcome to Only In Chanelle's World!! I mean I've never smelt a poppy, so maybe it's along those lines, however it's not very floral, and not overpowering at all, just the right amount of scent! Yes I did just write that! This is hydration for normal skin, so this for me is perfect for Autumn and Spring months, where it's not too cold, but you still get a good solid moisturising from the product. I think this is from a limited range, in association with Remembrance Day, however if you do find it in store, I believe you can get a very good discount on it, as I had also picked up other lotions and potions in the range at a bargain price! (Also I believe the Virgin Mojito range was limited too - sorry guys) This product contains hand-harvested poppy extract from Turkey.

This Body Butter is for normal to dry skin, and contains a subtle shimmer, now I think the shimmer is quite strong, well okay so on the skin it looks beautiful and reflects in the daylight and does give you a gorgeous glow while moisturising at the same time, so what more could you ask for, however I once remember smothering myself in it for a night out, and then I wore black, and let's just say it kind of got everywhere! I mean you know me, I clearly would have over moisturised, so that's why, but I do remember it being everywhere at the time, but it washed out easily, so it was fine. So I feel this butter would be perfect for the Summer months, where maybe you're wearing shorts, or you're lucky enough to be partying in Ibiza, where you can look after your skin with the cream, but also have that golden glow (but please use an SPF too if you're in the sunshine), but honestly it does make your skin look radiant and healthy, and it's a great product, just maybe don't wear black with it, or go over the top with how much you use, like I love to! This has Fair Trade Community shea and cocoa butter from Ghana.

So these are some of the Body Butters I've been loving, I've just got my hands on the Spa of the World - Hawaiian Kukui Cream, so I'm soooo excited to start using that, as it has another gorgeous scent, and is super moisturising.

The Body Butters usually retail at £14.00 however The Body Shop always has offers on, and I tend to pick mine up in the 40% off sale, which makes them an absolute bargain!

Please let me know some of your favourite Body Butters, or even moisturisers in general?

I'm also trying to find the perfect moisturising eye cream, as I'm suffering badly with dryness around my eyes at the moment, so if you have one, please do let me know either on here, or contact me on any of the social links below as I'd love to find the perfect product!

I hope this post helped if you're looking to find you're next Body Butter, and I'll speak to you lovelies soon <3

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