7 Days & 7 Happy Moments xo

Monday, March 02, 2015

After scrolling through other blog posts throughout the week, I came across one that caught my eye, by Amber O'Neill at http://www.amber-oneill.blogspot.co.uk which was 'Things that made me happy this week' and I thought it was really cute and reminded me of the time I participated in the '100 Happy Days' challenge, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

So I decided to take a piece of that idea, and turn it into '7 Days & 7 Happy Moments' preferably on a Sunday I'll create this post, but it will consist of 7 things that have made  me happy from the Sunday to the following Saturday. This won't necessarily be one for each day, three could happen in one day, but my aim is to select 7 of those special moments, so let's crack on with the previous week!

This one happened the week before, but I need to post it as it was a very happy moment (but I won't count it towards this weeks 7), I went LIVE with my YouTube channel, Only In Chanelle's World!


Please check it out and subscribe, would be much appreciated!! ;)

Back to the last weeks happiness...

1. Going to the Professional Beauty Show in London at The ExCel, I vlogged about it and you can check that out HERE I went on the first day with my boy, and second day with a friend. I managed to get a few goodies, one of them being the Clarins gift set, which was sold out when I went to get it last year. It consisted of one of my favourite perfumes and a cream, shower gel and make up bag.

2. Also at The Pro Beauty Show, I found the best smelling candle EVER! I mean we all know I, like most, love a Yankee Candle, but this smell was just incredible that it deserves its own shout out! It's an Elemis Candle, it smells so strong and therapeutic. They had them lit at the show, and I smelt them a mile off, only wish I'd stocked up on them! Can't wait for my flat to be drowning in the smell of a relaxing spa!

3. A Marc B Handbag, I've been needing 1 a new handbag for ages as my Louis is ripped and practically looks fake, but 2, I've also needed a black handbag for a very long time, as everytime I buy one it breaks. This one is a little smaller than what I'd usually use, but I'm hoping it will mean I'll carry less... We'll see!

4. Finally after years, being prescribed the correct cream! I suffer with seborrhoeic dermatitis (like eczema). Now I only get this when I'm extremely stressed, which according to my face, has only bedn twice in my life. The first time in 2011 in the final months of uni, training every day, working 5 nights a week, and trying to complete a dissertation when I'm not academic was just way too challenging and my whole face was covered in rashes, I was given every medicine, but the only thing thst eventually cleared it was e45, and I guess finally graduating, but I suffered for at least a year on and off. The second time being a couple of weeks ago, an incident happened and it was really stressing me out about where I live, and the people surrounding that area and feeling extremely unsafe, well as soon as I told the doctor my seborrhoeic dermatitis was coming up on my chin, she straight away responded with have you been stressed, and gave me a cream for it, which so far is doing the trick, it went down massively, although came up ever so slightly when I missed a day, but I'm just so thankful I finally have something that seems to be working, as watching my face break out just adds to my stress! Just shows if you think your coping okay with something, your body can tell you otherwise!

5. A night out with the girls, as I've aged, my partying days have practically retired with me, but lately I have had a few 'frandom' ones, including a midweek night out at West End club DSTRKT. We started off with a gorgeous meal in the restaurant side if the club, and headed on through and partied the night away, and then finished off in The Mayflower Chinese restaurant, which is the after party eatery that I hadn't been to in years! #ThrowBack

6. My MAC Cosmetics Pro Beauty Card arrived! I gots me some discount, cause I'm a professional!!

7. And lastly having the Wife come around the flat! We always try to do weekly dates, but this time was super nice, as she came around really early and we got ready together, then went out for coffee, then headed off to set for an afternoon of filming! <3 xo

My aim is to try to do this post weekly, but admittedly I have been so busy with preparing YouTube videos, I've been strugggling to keep them both up to date!

I need to just learn to make shorter posts!


Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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