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Friday, August 14, 2015

I know it's Summer here in the UK... Well it's not, but it's supposed to be so maybe not the traditional UGG season (the Ugg Boots, not including all the other styles of footwear and other items they do) but I literally wear my UGG Boots ALL YEAR ROUND... I have issues! I literally wore them last month on like a 28 degree day, let's say it probably was not a good idea, but I see them in my flat and I just have to put them on, and in my opinion, they go with everything anyway!

Anywho my point of finally sharing this post (sorry many, many months late) is that Ugg Australia are doing a competition this weekend, and it just gave me the push to share the details of the competition I previously won with them, and that they genuinely do give back to the public!!

So a bit about the current competition, UGG have teamed up with Grazia and are sharing their inside info on the places to visit near the UK UGG stores in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds and the best bit about the competition is you can win yourself Ugg vouchers and 5 pairs of UGG shoes are up for grabs!!

Now here's the easy part, it's completely free to enter and involves a selfie, now it's 2015 so I know we all have knowledge and experience in selfie taking, so there's really no excuses if you're out and about!

So for this comp, it's called a Shoefie which is extremely fitting if I do say so myself, (nice wording UGG) basically just snap a photo of yourself in store trying on a pair from the Fall'15 collection and take a picture on their 'UGG Shoefie hotspot' then share your pic (standard, obvz) to Twitter or Instagram, tagging @UGGUK and @Grazia_Live including #UGGWander for a chance to win a £200 voucher to spend at UGG!

Please do take a look at the T's & C's and other info over on the website, and please if you're out and about this weekend, enter it, what is there to lose!??

*comp running between 10/08/15 - 30/08/15

So back to me and why I'm sharing this post, I have no association with UGG Australia (I wish), it was just a good time to finally share this now I'm back with the blogging/vlogging life!

I won a competition with UGG on October 4th 2014, yes almost a year ago, but the years flown so quick it still feel like yesterday...

Basically it was a twitter competition and they were rescuing people throughout the day (I entered the London one) and the hashtag was #UGGSOS and it was literally was what it said, rescuing people on the streets of London shopping, I remember I was on my own that day, out and about shopping all day, and tweeting them along the way, pre-warning them I'd sacrificed style for comfort (although in my eyes UGG boots are the more stylish)

So after hours of shopping and walking, my feet actually were killing me, so I stopped for late lunch and forced my boyfriend to come and meet me!

By this point it was almost 5pm after we'd ate and I was aware the competition was coming to an end and I actually really needed rescuing, they had an UGG scooter roaming the streets, and if you spotted the scooter you could also win some vouchers, so in a last attempt I searched for/tweeted UGG!

I Then slowly started walking towards Piccadilly Circus wanting to cry, I was desperate for a new pair of UGG's and really wanted to be swept off my feet by the scooter man!

Then all of a sudden I received a message on Twitter... From @UGGUK.... My heart was literally racing!

The message was asking me if I could make it to a certain place by 5:15pm, I literally screamed and practically ran off leaving my boyfriend to catch up with me, my sore feet were not slowing me down for this!

I arrived at the location being greeted by two lovely people from UGG and was given a box with a gift card inside, but was not told the amount, but informed it was a sizeable amount!

After having some photos taken and doing a short interview I scurried down to the Piccadilly UGG store to see what was on my voucher....

A whopping £150  !!! Kerching! Oh my how exceptionally generous!!

I was over the moon, after i'd calmed down, I had the HARD decision of picking which UGGs I wanted. I knew I wanted the traditional sheepskin UGG boots, but what colour and what style, especially when they had diamante UGGs, also ones with bows, all very girly and definitely my style, but after a phone call to my Mum, and much persuasion from her, she made me go for a classic pair. I already owned a tan, tall classic pair so I went for a black pair, still struggling to decide on tall or medium length. Luckily the Gentleman serving me was absolutely lovely, he was still serving me at the end of his shift, so I'm very thankful I wasn't rushed during the process.

So here's how it went, I had opted for black, classic, tall UGGs, I got to the till point, literally about to swipe the gift card, and I'm like STOPPPPP!!! How he didn't throw me out the store I don't know!

Basically UGG do children's sizes that are slightly lower in price, so my heads going 'but I could get medium length ones in the kid's range and pay £50 extra and have TWO pairs of UGGs!!' So back to deciding what ones to get I go!

Then I spot these pink ones, decision made.... FINALLY!!!

I literally had to grab my UGGs and get out before I changed my mind!

So I walked away with two pairs of children classic medium length UGG boots in black and pink, and two of the cutest little keyrings, (which I had to give one to the Mother but that was only after I'd used them as decorations on my Christmas tree!!) and a happy grin!!

What a day! I would like to thank UGG, and everyone associated with the comp, and the staff for making it such a anxious (winning at the very end of the day) but wonderful day for me!

I think it's amazing that you guys give back to your fans so, so often through different kind of competitions! I'm sorry this post is so late, but I still adore my UGGs and still do and will continue to wear them so often! My black ones barely make it to the cupboard as they are on my feet every other day, and my pink ones I save for special occasions, and basically a day I can guarantee that it's not going to rain!!

I think I've finished sharing my love of UGG Australia, and I apologise this is such a long post, but when I'm pleased about something I tend to ramble!!

Please check out and keep an eye on what they are up to throughout the year!!

Muchos Love,

Chanelle SP

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